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VAATTUKIKONGAS HIKE : the forest trail

This is an all year round hike! A way to discover the lappish wilderness through it’s rivers and forests. Landscapes colours can change depending on the time of the year what make it magical

Published: May 10, 2023

An adventure in Rovaniemi’s nature and meal

an adventure in Rovaniemi’s nature and a dinner

Published: December 20, 2022

Forest Ice Skating – a Day in Kotatieva

Spend an amazing winter day and ice skate in the forest!

Published: October 19, 2022

First Arctic Expedition on Trekking Skis

Get ready for your first Arctic expedition on backcountry skis! With your guide, you will explore Lapland wild areas with skis, you will learn how to prepare your expedition sleigh and some other basic tips. Lunch around the fire is included.

Published: March 14, 2022

Finnish Legends & Tales Night Around The Fire

Enjoy a relaxing night around the fire in the Arctic forests, listening to legends and tales of Finland. This story-telling experience will offer you an opportunity to learn more about Finnish culture, traditions and local history.

Published: March 14, 2022

Sledding Adventure

Experience one of the longest – if not the longest – sledding hills in Rovaniemi!

Published: September 3, 2021

Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park

Kotatieva Winter Leisure Park is packed with winter fun! We have a unique 500 meters long ice-skating track in the middle of a forest, and lots more. Welcome to enjoy an active outdoors day with your family and friends!

Published: August 21, 2021

Arctic Wilderness Hike

Explore the Arctic wilderness! Your outdoor guide will lead you on a hike and show you the beauty of Lapland nature. You will learn some basic survival skills, how to take advantage of your surroundings or how to make a fire.

Published: July 22, 2021

Korouoma Canyon Frozen Waterfalls

Enjoy an all-day guided trip to the majestic frozen waterfalls of the Korouoma Canyon. This is one of the best nature places to explore from Rovaniemi!

Published: July 22, 2021

Korouoma Frozen Waterfalls

This Korouoma expedition takes you to this outstanding photography location led by a professional photographer.

Published: May 20, 2019

Riisitunturi wilderness adventure

This wilderness adventure takes you to our absolute best photography location in Riisitunturi national park.

Published: May 20, 2019

Wilderness Survival Tour – Winter

Experience the wild Taiga forest and what the Lapland wilderness has the best to offer. On this tour, you will feel the peace of Arctic nature, hike through the snowy forest, and learn about your surroundings and some basic survival skills.

Published: April 8, 2019

Backcountry skiing adventure

Would you like to try the most popular sport in Finland? Do you love combining fun and fitness with nature photography and adventure?

Published: March 12, 2019

Rovaniemi Northern Lights Photography Small-Group Tour

Experience the magic of Lapland and photograph the amazing Northern Lights!

Published: February 25, 2019

Explore the wilderness

A half-day wilderness adventure is our way to experience the remote and untouched nature of Lapland.

Published: February 25, 2019

Ice Climbing Day in Korouoma Canyon – from Rovaniemi

Unforgettable day trip to the Korouoma Canyon & Nature Reserve in Posio, where the mightiest ice falls in Finland are located.

Published: December 18, 2018

Korouoma Canyon & Ranua Zoo Winter Tour

Enjoy the nature of Korouoma canyon. After hiking in Korouoma we drive 1 hour to Ranua Zoo, where we meet arctic animals and birds!

Published: December 13, 2018

Korouoma Canyon Winter Tour with picnic

Enjoy the nature of Korouoma canyon hiking tour! Magnificent Frozen Waterfalls during winter. Moderate hiking.

Published: December 13, 2018

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