Polar Night is favored by photographers

The time of magical light Kaamos, is the Finnish word for Polar Night and defines the time on the polar regions when the sun does not rise above the horizon in the midwinter. The opposite of Polar Night is the Midnight Sun during Arctic summer, both favored by the photographers.

Celebration of mysterious lights

One might imagine a complete darkness but Polar Night is actually a mix of mysterious lights on glittering snowdrifts. Polar Night colours are generated by the sun shining light to the upper layers of the atmosphere causing colours of a sunset. Polar Nights also creates the middays blue tones, truly incredible and photogenic. Last but not least the Northern Lights are visible starting from early afternoons during Polar Night.

Winter activities are the best way to marvel snowy trees and Polar Night

Snow makes Polar Night magical and reflects the lights from the sky, a hike or a ski trip in the moonlight surrounded by snowy Polar Night landscapes will take your breath away. Winter activities are the best way to marvel snowy trees and Polar Night. Remember to wear proper winter gear provided by our Safari houses who can rent you clothes and boots so you do not have to pack them along.

Rovaniemi Accommodations like gems on snowdrifts

The Lapland Rovaniemi accommodations stand out like gems in snowdrifts during Polar Night, when thoughtful architecture free flows the nature indoors trough scenic windows. Polar Night is the best time for silence and meditation. Nature is resting and people are nesting in front of the fireplaces, and of course popping outside to admire the Northern Lights.

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