Visit Rovaniemi privacy policy

1 Controller

Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing Ltd, auxiliary company name Visit Rovaniemi Koskikatu 12, FI-96200 Rovaniemi, FINLAND
+358 16 346 270

2 Contact person in matters concerning the filing system

Sanna Kärkkäinen, Managing Director sanna@visitrovaniemi.fi +358 40 576 3414
Sari Kalla, Finance and Administration sari@visitrovaniemi.fi +358 44 770 8481

3 Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer at Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing Ltd is Sari Kalla sari@visitrovaniemi.fi +358 44 770 8481.

4 Name of filing system

VISIT ROVANIEMI general customer, marketing, communications and stakeholder filing system.

5 Publicity of filing system

The filing system is intended for customer, communications, marketing and stakeholder use by Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing Ltd. filing system will not be disclosed to a third party for any purpose.

6 Purpose and basis for personal data processing

The personal data is collected for customer, marketing, communications and stakeholder purposes by Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing Ltd basis for personal data processing may be public interest, a contract and the controller’s legitimate interest.

7 Data content of the filing system

The filing system may include names and contact details of recipients.

8 Regular sources of information

The data is collected through forms on the Visitrovaniemi.fi website that users fill in, as well as through sepa- rate campaign pages where the user fills a form. Customer data is also provided via telephone, email, based on a contract or in other similar ways.

9 Cookies

By using the VisitRovaniemi.fi website, you accept the use of cookies. The VisitRovaniemi.fi website collects data on users through cookies. Data based on cookies includes functions performed on the site, visits to the site or data on the devices used by the user. Cookies are user-specific, but users cannot be identified unless they have provided additional data on themselves for example through forms. Users can influence the use of cookies through their own browser settings and/or by clearing the browser’s cookie data.

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10 Regular disclosures of data

The data will not be regularly disclosed.

11 Transfer of data to a third country or to an international organisation

The data will not be transferred to a third country or to an international organisation.

12 Principles of filing system protection

Personal data processing is protected with structural safeguards and adequate control. The personnel are committed to obligations of secrecy.

13 Right of access

The data subject has the right to check what data concerning him/her is stored in the filing system. Addition- ally, after submitting an adequately specific and personalised request, the data subject has the right to obtain a copy of the data concerning him/her.

14 Right to rectification and erasure

The controller must rectify any inaccurate data in the personal data file indicated by the data subject. The data subject may also request the controller to erase data concerning him/her from the filing system. The Data Protection Officer will lead the processing of the measure.

15 Other rights related to personal data processing

The data subject has the right to request restriction of personal data processing. The data subject also has the right to receive the personal data concerning him/her, which he/she has provided to the controller, in a struc- tured, commonly used and machine-readable format and has the right to transmit those data to another con- troller. Furthermore, the data subject has the right to object to processing of data, automated decision-making and profiling. The data subject may contact in a matter of personal data processing disagreement to the Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman www.tietosuoja.fi.

16 Deletion of data and storage period

The storage period for the data is three years after receipt of consent. The data will be deleted by overwriting. The accuracy of the data in the filing system is checked regularly.

Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing Ltd deletes a customer’s data from the filing system also if, based on law, the data subject him/herself requests Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing Ltd to delete the data concerning him/her. However, the data will not be deleted if the law provides otherwise or the competent authority has initiated a process that requires Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing Ltd to store the data or another instance has applied for a security protection decision for the data from the Finnish justice system.

17 Acceptance of description of file

The description of file was accepted as ongoing and reviewed on 6 March 2020.