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Have you got concerns ahead of your trip to Rovaniemi or are you not sure how things work once you’ve arrived? Not to worry, we’re here to help. Please see the frequently asked questions below, and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to send us a question under the FAQ.

Rovaniemi has excellent travel connections, please see our Getting here page.

The best time for travelling to Rovaniemi depends on what you would like to experience when you get here. All four seasons (or even eight!) have stark contrasts between them and come with different weather and light conditions, ideal activities and natural phenomena.

For more information, please see our When to go page.

Annual temperatures in Rovaniemi vary between as cold as -30 degrees Celsius in the winter to +25 degrees Celsius in the summer. There are stark contrasts between seasons this far north, and each of them have their own characteristics. Please read more on our Four seasons page.

If you’re wandering for the best time for you to travel to Rovaniemi, please see our When to go page.

You can get from the airport to the city and from the city to the airport in an Airport Taxi.

Regular taxis are also an option, please see more here.

You can send Santa a letter to this address:

Santa Claus
Santa Claus’ Main Post Office
Tähtikuja 1
96930 Arctic Circle

Because Santa receives more than 700 000 letters a year, he can’t possibly reply to all of them. However, together with his elves, he reads every one of them and tries to answer as many as possible. If you want to be sure of Santa’s reply, you can order a letter from Santa Claus.

In Rovaniemi, you can visit Santa Claus every single day of the year in Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle.

Local transport bus number 8 and Santa Claus Bus will take you there. Please find the timetables here:

Local bus 8:
timetable (valid 31.10.2022-4.6.2023)
timetable (valid 5.6.2023-8.8.2023)

Santa Claus Bus

The Northern Lights can be seen in Rovaniemi from mid-August until early April on clear, cloudless nights away from city lights.

For information on the phenomenon, viewing spots, activities and more, please see our Northern Lights page.

The Midnight Sun period in Rovaniemi officially lasts from early June until early July. However, nights are white and there’s light around thew clock from the end of May until early August.

For information on the phenomenon, viewing spots, activities and more, please see our Midnight Sun page.

You can see reindeer year round in quite a few places in Rovaniemi, go on reindeer sleigh rides and farm tours. Please have a look at reindeer related activities in Rovaniemi here.

If your visit to Rovaniemi includes Santa Claus Village, you’re likely to see some there. One sure bet is Ranua Wildlife Park.

There are so many in Rovaniemi catering for different tastes, that the best option is to browse through our Sights and attractions page.

You can buy the tickets online: www.santapark.fi

Tickets can also be bought from SantaPark ticket office inside the cavern.

There are many types of accommodation on offer in Rovaniemi, please have a look at our Stay page.

It is recommended, especially for the high seasons in winter (December-March) and in summer (June-August).

Since Rovaniemi does not have a central booking system, we recommend you contact accommodation providers directly.

Another option is contacting a travel specialist, as they often have pre-reserved accommodation, particularly for the busy Christmas and New Year period.

Unfortunately we don’t have central booking service in Rovaniemi so we’d kindly ask you to contact the accommodation providers directly. Please find them listed here.

The packages offered by various travel agents and tour operators are a convenient alternative, since they have fixed accommodation quotas, particularly during the peak season around Christmas and New Year.

Yes, there are – please have a look at our Cottages accommodation page.

From early December to early April. Although firs snow often falls in October, the permanent snow cover is usually in place by December, allowing winter activities to take place. By early April, the sun is already warm enough to begin softening and melting the snow.

For more on what to do in the winter in Rovaniemi, please see our Activities page.

For information on the seasons and the weather, please see our Four seasons page.

Among the most popular are reindeer sleigh rides, husky tours, snowmobile safaris, Northern Lights tours, as well as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice fishing trips. See winter adventures here or define your own search terms on our Activities page.

Among the most popular are Midnight Sun tours, riverboat cruises, whitewater rafting, reindeer and husky farm tours, moose watching, hiking, fishing and canoe trips. See summer adventures here or define your own search terms on our Activities page.

You can book tours and safaris on the spot in Rovaniemi’s Tourist Information in the centre of town, directly from Visit Rovaniemi webpage www.visitrovaniemi.fi/see-do/activities/ or directly from the activity company.

Please note that during busy periods (for example the Christmas season from early December to mid-January) the most popular safaris, such as husky tours, tend to be fully booked, so we kindly suggest you make your booking in good time.

For activities in Rovaniemi, please see here.

During busy periods (for example the Christmas season from early December to mid-January) the most popular safaris, such as husky tours, tend to be fully booked. To guarantee a place, you should book in advance from our activities webpage or directly from the activity company. At other times, you can book on the spot in Rovaniemi’s Tourist Information in the centre of town, or directly from the activity company.

For activities in Rovaniemi, please see here.

The best way to prepare for the cold frost is to dress in warm layers: warm undergarments (long-sleeved and long-legged thermals), warm garments under your coat (e.g. wool or fleece) and external garments made of close-woven fabrics.

As for footwear, bring socks, woollen socks and lined, thick-soled shoes. Your shoes should be big enough to leave room for wiggling your toes. Wear woollen or other warm headgear that protects your ears, cheeks and neck. For you hands, you will need over-gloves and under-gloves or mittens (cotton, wool, fleece, quilted fabric).

For fun isntruction on how to dress up warm, please see this video by Visit Finland.

Rovaniemi activity companies rent out winter clothing including snowmobile overalls and footwear, woollen socks, warm hats, balaclavas, mittens and scarves.

October is a quiet period between the winter and summer seasons. However, it is often a great time for hiking during the day and viewing the Northern Lights in the night. Places like reindeer farms gladly do farm tours as well. On our Activities page, you can search for things to do by month.

May is a quiet period between the winter and summer seasons. There’s hardly any snow left, but nature hasn’t yet recovered from the harsh winter. Reindeer farms gladly do farm tours and some hiking trips are already possible, as are indoor activities like handicraft workshops. On our Activities page, you can search for things to do by month.

Ounasvaara outdoor area has an excellent network of cross-country skiing trails within walking distance from Rovaniemi city centre. Altogether, there are around 100 kilometres of trails, around 50 kilometres of which are lit.

Ounasvaara is also the place for downhill skiing and snowboarding. Ounasvaara Ski Centre is suitable especially for beginners and those who enjoy doing trick in the snow park. Equipment hire is available on site.

The obvious choice is Ounasvaara outdoor area only half an hour’s walk from the city centre. A twenty-minute drive north of the city centre, the Arctic Circle Hiking Area is a round nature spot with several hiking trails. Both places are accessible year round.

Food and department stores are generally open:
– Mon-Fri 9 AM-9 PM
– Sat 9 AM-6 PM
– Sun 12 NOON-6 PM.

Smaller, specialist retailers tend to be open:
– Mon-Fri 10 AM-6 PM
– Sat 10 AM-4 PM
– Sun 12 NOON-4 PM.

Most shops are closed on public holidays.

Many shops in Rovaniemi city centre and Santa Claus Village sell souvenirs and local handicrafts. For more details, please see our Shopping page.

There are several options in Rovaniemi for local food experiences. Please see our Eat and drink page.

For more on information on local food, please see here.

For detailed information on camping sites in Rovaniemi, please find them listed here.

For renting cars, camper vans and caravans, please see our Getting around page.

For equipment rental, please see our Activities page under main categories “Summer adventures” and “Winter adventures” in the drop down selection.

From mid-June to mid-August, there may be large numbers of mosquitoes and other small insects that pester you. They’re not a nuisance in the city centre, but in forested areas, on shorelines and on river banks they can be quite unpleasant.

Not to worry – they’re not dangerous. Their bites cause itchy bumps, but they do not carry disease or anything of the sort. All food shops and kiosks, service stations etc. sell a range of mosquito repellents. Long-sleeved and long-legged garments will also protect you from mosquitoes.

More than half a million tourists visit Rovaniemi each year. In 2019, hotel and accommodation businesses logged 739 000 bed nights. Foreign overnight guests accounted for 479 000 (65 %) of these and Finnish guests for 259 000 (35 %).

For more information please see our Stats page.

We’d be happy to! If an e-version suits you, please find them here. If you want us to send you a copy, please email Rovaniemi Tourist Information at info (at) visitrovaniemi.fi or send your request via the question form below. Please specify what type of brochure you’re after so we know to send you the right one.

You can find information about parking in Rovaniemi here.

Parking at Rovaniemi train station, see Moovy application.


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