Love the Arctic and make a difference

We are a region up in the Arctic, and the nature here is most vulnerable to the influences of climate change. We need our seasons, snowy winters and warm summers to provide a safe environment to our Arctic species.
Sustainability is a state of mind and a way of life. Honoring the nature and all of its miracles, we are halfway there. To add some personal choices and actions we are truly making a difference. Close the lights, pick up your trash, recycle, eat local and travel outside busy seasons, and you are an ambassador of sustainable goodwill.
Did you know, that Lapland´s electrical self-sufficiency is 107 %, and renewable energy sources share of Lapland´s electricity production is 91 %.

Sustainable Travel Finland trademarked local companies

The local companies have been joining forces for Sustainable Travel Finland trademark that offers a concrete toolkit for travel destinations to help Finland’s travel destinations to adopt sustainable procedures and to make sustainable choices in their business.
Local companies awarded with Sustainable Travel Finland trademark:
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel – a responsible accommodation operator
Santa Claus Office – Official place to meet Santa Claus
Ounasvaara Ski Resort – a local ski resort
Lapland Safaris Rovaniemi – a local safari house
Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara – a responsible accommodation operator
Lapland Hotels Ounasvaara Chalets – a responsible accommodation operator
Metsä Kolo – a responsible accommodation operator
Scandic Rovaniemi City -Sustainable hotel in the centre of Rovaniemi
Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos – Local Snow and Igloo accommodation company
Beyond Arctic – Local safari house
Bearhill Husky – Local husky company
Wild About Lapland – Local safari company
Husky Yoga & Nature – Local yoga and husky company
Pyhä Igloos – Local Igloo accommodation company
Ollero Eco Lodge – Local accommodation company

Rovaniemi Airport is heated Carbon-free

The climate impact of airports originates from the heating of buildings and the energy consumption of vehicles, so the airport operator Finavia and Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi (Neve) have entered into an agreement on the heating of Rovaniemi Airport with carbon-neutral district heating. Vihreä Lähilämpö (Neve’s carbon-neutral district heating product) is an excellent choice for Rovaniemi Airport, because it supports the key measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions Finavia has identified in its climate programme. Neve produces its district heat from renewable and locally sourced fuels.

The Outdoor Etiquette

With Rovaniemi easy access nature trails it is easy and safe to make daytrips with the whole family. Ounasvaara and Arctic Circle Nature Trails will lead you into Arctic forests right outside city center. But before heading outdoors, have a look at The Outdoor Etiquette, about respecting nature and about marked trails. Find information about camping, lighting fires and how to hike litter-free.
To travel to Rovaniemi in the spring, summer or in autumn you are a part of a sustainable movement. The light that continues 24 hours a day, offers opportunities to be active with the kids and go horseback riding, floating, hiking, on river cruises, and not to mention go visit those husky and reindeer farms for Arctic animal offspring in the summer.

Choose Arctic Summer instead of Winter

Rovaniemi is known for the snowy winters and magic of Christmas. But not many people know that Rovaniemi Lapland has much to offer during the summer months. In Rovaniemi it is possible to experience the magic of Christmas in the middle of summer.
Visiting Lapland after December is sustainable, because you will be traveling outside the busy season. Rovaniemi is a magical city in every four or even eight seasons. In Rovaniemi, nights are lit throughout the summer from late May until early August.

Year of Reindeer – Sustainable Rovaniemi blog series

On Arctic Reindeer Farm, high above the Arctic Circle lives Miia Merkku, reindeer herder, a woman who decided to become a herder at the age of five. Reindeer play a major role in Miia´s life. Miia`s own wellbeing, is twined with the wellbeing of her reindeer. “I spend all my days with them in nature, their happiness makes me feel at peace” Miia says. Welcome to a Sustainable Rovaniemi blog series, where our local people tell their arctic lifestyle stories.

See the forests like you have never seen them before

Visit the Science Center Pilke and “See the forests like you’ve never seen them before”. Science Centre Pilke tells stories about the northern forests and the many connections we northern people have with them. Spend a day in the Arktikum, a science centre and museum, where you can experience northern nature, culture, and history.
The more knowledge you gain of the Arctic culture, the more responsible are your actions as travellers.

Familiarize yourself with the local culture

We are people up here on the Arctic Circle with rich roots and heritage. Get familiar with the local ways of life and habits, like Sauna. A traditional Finnish sauna is like the local food culture, pure and simple.
Sustainable Arctic experience is built from local products and local food combined with crystal clear pure local water. Lapland´s food culture is known for the natures fresh offering. By eating the local food and by shopping the local products, you are a part of a sustainable movement by encouraging local production and year-round jobs.
Being able to create something with your own hands, is a valuable skill in today’s digital world. Visiting local family and getting to know local culture and tradition, can also be considered as a responsible and sustainable choice on your holiday.
At Kangasniemi, you can actually combine these both! Visiting the Home & Ateliér of Irene and Ari Kangasniemi, a local artisan couple, gives you a good understanding about the local culture and Lappish way of life. During the visit, you’ll get to hear interesting stories about Lapland, try some local sweets and make your own souvenir at the couples workshop – out of natural materials.

Value the Arctic Nature

Visit Finland Finnish pledge


Sustainability is a state of mind and a way of life. Honoring the nature and all of its miracles, we are halfway there. To add some personal choices and actions we are truly making a difference. Close the lights, pick up your trash, recycle, eat local and travel outside busy seasons, and you are an ambassador of sustainable goodwill.

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