Summer in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi, the Arctic Capital of Finnish Lapland, is situated on the Arctic Circle. The Official Hometown of Santa Claus offers the best access to the arctic region and is a perfect place to experience the aspects of Finnish happiness and nightless nights.

Finnish happiness under The Midnight Sun

The lively town under the magical light of the Midnight Sun offers a wide range of exciting but easy and safe outdoor activities and the greatest amount of Lappish culture, sights and attractions, restaurants, local design shops and much more. In Rovaniemi you can easily experience the nature and urban services, and of course, here you can cross the Arctic Circle.

24 hour of sunshine

In Rovaniemi, nights are bright throughout the summer and days are warm, making the summer holiday delightful and refreshing at the Arctic Circle. Make the most of the arctic summer with activities like river cruises, swimming, golfing across the Arctic Circle, horseback riding, floating, hiking, visiting husky and reindeer farms and a whole lot more – pretty much anything you can do during the day, you can do in the night.

Summer vibes at the Arctic Circle

Rovaniemi combines the wilderness, nature and characteristics of an urban town destination, cultural experiences, local lifestyle and short distances.

Once in a lifetime bucket-list experiences to do in Rovaniemi under the midnight sun are crossing the Arctic Circle and meeting Santa Claus in a world-famous Santa Claus Village. Only here you can meet Santa Claus every day.

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Discover Rovaniemi in the Summer!

A paradise for hikers and nature explorers

In the summer the days are long, and the short nights are light, which makes hiking in the Midnight Sun popular. Trails close to the city center are the Koivusaari nature trail in the river delta area, and the several trails of Ounasvaara. Altogether there are hundreds of kilometers of marked trails in Rovaniemi with hundreds of lean-tos and resting spots.

The Arctic Circle Hiking Area is a versatile beautiful location a little further from Rovaniemi city. One can choose for example the obstacle-free trail of Könkäänsaari, or the educational Kielosaari trail with mushroom and plant information.

One hour drive away is the protected primeval forest of Auttiköngäs, where you can listen to the sound of a rapid in complete peace. The ancient hills of the nearest national park, Pyhä-Luosto National Park, are 1,5 hour’s drive from Rovaniemi.

Midnight Sun – nightless night

Did you know? The sun officially stays above the horizon for a full 24 hours on summer solstice, 21st or 22nd June. However, the Midnight Sun period in Rovaniemi lasts for a month, from 6th June to 7th July; this is due to the Earth’s slightly tilted axis and refraction of sunlight. This is called Midnight Sun, an opposite phenomenon to Polar Night.

Looking for warm, but refreshing summer holiday destination?

Rovaniemi is a wonderful summer destination in Lapland with bright sunny summer days. Temperature is nice and warm, but not sizzling hot. Warm enough to enjoy sunshine and summer activities, cool enough to relax and chill out.

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