Experience The Midnight Sun only on The Arctic Circle and above

The Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon that takes place on and above the Arctic Circle in the summer months. On the Arctic Circle, where Rovaniemi lies, the sun officially stays above the horizon for a full 24 hours on summer solstice, 21st or 22nd June. However, the Midnight Sun period in Rovaniemi lasts for a month, from 6th June to 7th July; this is due to the Earth’s slightly tilted axis and refraction of sunlight.

Get Active – Nights Are White All Summer

In Rovaniemi, nights are white throughout the summer from late May until early August. This means there’s 24 hours a day for activities like jet skiing, horseback riding, floating, hiking, river cruises, visiting husky and reindeer farms and a whole lot more – pretty much anything you can do during the day, you can do in the night. Sleep? Do it later!

Take A Guided Tour For Stories And In-Depth Information

The Midnight Sun can be experienced in a variety of ways in Rovaniemi, from hiking the tops of fells to boating on rivers and getting cosy around campfires. Expert guides show special spots and, with their in-depth information and stories on the phenomenon, broaden the overall experience substantially.

Where To See The Midnight Sun in Rovaniemi

Seeing the Midnight Sun doesn’t take much of an effort in Rovaniemi. Next to the city centre, places like the Jätkänkynttilä (“Lumberjack’s Candle”) Bridge, Ounaskoski beach and the Arctic Garden are great viewing spots within a 10-minute walk from the city centre. Hiking to the top of Ounasvaara fell takes approximately 45 minutes, but the trip is rewarded with magnificent views of Rovaniemi bathing in the golden light of the Midnight Sun.

The Phenomenon Is Guaranteed, Unless Cloudy

The only things that could keep you from seeing the Midnight Sun during the season in Rovaniemi are clouds. As long as it’s not fully overcast, you will experience the phenomenon. Visitors are happy to know that spending a few days in Rovaniemi during the season and not seeing the Midnight Sun is highly unlikely.

How Will I Sleep When It's Light Around The Clock?

Many visitors think it must be hard to sleep with 24-hour sunlight, and to be fair, even many locals struggle with it. On the other hand, many think the short Lappish summer wasn’t designed for sleeping in the first place; the Midnight Sun increases energy levels, so why try to sleep when you don’t feel like it? Just step outside and enjoy the serene summer night.

The Party Never Ends

Finland loves its summer events and Rovaniemi is no different to the rest of the country. There’s always something going on from markets to sports happenings and cultural events. Parties often last into the wee hours and sometimes even well into the next day, because the non-existent night is rather easy to skip!

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