The Official Hometown of Santa Claus ®

Your ultimate 365 Christmas experience

Christmas spirit is a matter of the heart, a state of mind. Your magical journey here at Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is guided by the values of authenticity, giving, creativity and constant presence. It’s also your moment to meet Santa Claus any day of the year and write a chapter in your life’s story while exploring Rovaniemi rich in history and curious details.

“I’m an ambassador of good will, love and peace, and wish nothing but happiness to the people of the world”

Santa Claus

In Santa Claus Main Post Office all letters and cards are stamped with a special Santa Claus postage stamp!

Santa Claus Main Post Office Elf

Questions about Santa Claus?

5 snowy months in Rovaniemi

Lapland is synonymous with snow and ice – and no wonder, in Rovaniemi we are lucky to enjoy snow around five months of the year. We also have a lovely Midnight Sun and beautiful Autumn with colours and Northern Lights.

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