Experience the Magic

There’s no place like Rovaniemi, the Official Hometown of Santa Claus, for a genuine Christmas experience. What does Christmas mean to you? What wakes up your Christmas mood?

Is the ulimate Christmas moment when you meet Santa Claus at the Arctic Circle while it is snowing outside? Perhaps enjoying a bit of Christmas magic in the middle of the summer, under the Midnight Sun? The magic lives inside us all, no matter who we are, what we do, where we live and how we cherish Christmas time.

Santa Claus is on his way 23.12.2023

When and where? Sat 23.12. at 19.30 in the Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. The event is free of charge and there will be free bus connection..

Santa Claus starts his annual journey around the world, from snowy Rovaniemi – the Official Hometown of Santa Claus. The Arctic Circle in Lapland Finland is a magical place and everyone in Santa Claus Village is getting ready for Christmas time. Before jumping on to his reindeer pulled sleigh, Santa Claus will take the time to say his greetings to everyone. The Christmas magic will make the reindeer fly at the Christmas eve, but before the magic happens, we can see Santa Claus and the real reindeer at the Arctic Circle ready for the journey. Santa Claus will visit every country in the world, bringing Christmas cheers and joy to all the people in the world.

Are you ready for the Christmas magic to see how Santa Claus will start his journey?

More information about the event here.

Countdown to Christmas with good deeds

Christmas is approaching and we want to cherish the good will by starting a campaign with Unicef Finland. Rovaniemi has been a friend city of Unicef for several years, supporting the important charity work. The city of Rovaniemi, together with Visit Rovaniemi, has previously made a joint donation to UNICEF Finland yearly at the Grand Opening of Christmas Season events, and this year is no exception but now we want to make it possible for everyone to join this donation for the benefit of the children of the world! The donation link is open until the Santa Claus Is On His Way -event on 23rd of December.

You can make a donation through Unicef Finland for the children of the world, with the amount of your choice, from online campaign link here.

The campaign time is: 12th of November until 23rd of December.

Note! You can also help your country’s UNICEF by making a donation locally.

The Grand Opening of Christmas Season - countdown to Christmas recording

When and where? Sun 12.11. at 17.00 in the Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. The event is free of charge and there will be free bus connection.

The Grand Opening of Christmas Season – countdown to Christmas is an annual celebration honouring the Christmas traditions of sharing Christmas spirit and good will. The event takes place at the central square of Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi. The musical Christmas performances take the audience into the merry moods of Christmas and Winter. The traditional Christmas Opening culminates in Santa’s arrival and speech – what does Santa want to tell us this year?

View recording of the event here

Restaurants around Christmas time

Taste some delicious traditional Lappish flavours or find your own favourite from other lovely local restaurant options while visiting Rovaniemi.

Please find the opening hours and exceptions of the restaurants around Christmas time here.

Join the Christmas preparations!

Put your elf hat on and come and help putting up the Christmas trees together along Koskikatu street and enjoy some delicious rice porridge on Thu 9.11. at 17.00-19.00.


FOR MORE EVENTS OF THE EVENT WEEK 6.-12.11. please click here.
More events and attractions here.

Pre-Christmas of the Shopping Centres 11.11.2023

Pre-Christmas of the Shopping Centres in Rovaniemi city centre on Sat 11.11. at 11-17

Moomin show in Shopping Centre Sampokeskus on Sat 11th of November at 12.00 and 14.00
Full programme can be found from this link.

SantaPark's Grand Opening 11.11.2023

Welcome to the SantaPark’s Grand Opening on Saturday 11th of November at 10.00-17.00 ! There will be live music and greetings from the reindeer outside the cave at 9.30-12.00.

Coca-Cola Christmas truck in Rovaniemi 4.11.

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck is starting the Finnish tour from Rovaniemi Market square. The event time is on saturday 4th of November from 15 to 19.

Rovaniemi is a unique destination at the Arctic Circle

Rovaniemi is the only place in Lapland, Finland located at The Arctic Circle. Many consider the Arctic Circle to be the border of happiness and carefree moments. This is where there’s space to breathe some of the cleanest air in the world with ease and let yourself completely unwind. You can cross the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi effortlessly simply by landing in Rovaniemi airport, or with more creative ways. Many visitors have fun crossing the Arctic Circle in Santa Claus Village – where it is clearly marked on the ground – and even acquire a certificate confirming the deed. A variety of activity tours in Rovaniemi cross the Arctic Circle at some point, meaning one can cross the line on a snowmobile, a husky sled or in a reindeer sleigh – only your imagination is the limit. There is so much to see and do in Rovaniemi

Ultimate Christmas experience and breathtaking Northern Lights in Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is the perfect destination for witnessing the magnificent Northern Lights while enjoying the magical Christmas atmosphere in The Official Hometown of Santa Claus. Also known as Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are visible on around 150 nights a year in Finnish Lapland. In Rovaniemi, the spellbinding astral show can be witnessed in and around the city from late August until early April. Santa Claus, on the other hand is in Rovaniemi every day of the year.

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