Explore arctic sea in Lapland

Did you choose Rovaniemi as a base for your arctic holiday? We assure you nailed it!

Witness a massive ice breaking power on an Ice breaker in the Bothnian Bay in Lapland, only 1,5 hours drive from Rovaniemi, Finland. The Gulf of Bothnia is one of the few places in the world where the sea completely freezes during the winter – explore arctic sea life from a deck!

Break the ice and cruise over arctic waters

Freezing wind is part of life in Lapland’s shoreline along the Bay of Bothnia, Lapland – as is the winter sun that shines in all shades of orange and pink. Both nature’s phenomena can be experienced on the two icebreakers that operate in the Bay of Bothnia: Polar Explorer Icebreaker and Icebreaker Sampo. Icebreaker Sampo’s harbour is in Kemi, Finland, meanwhile Polar Explorer Icebreaker operates from Axelsvik, Swedish Lapland. Both locations are approximately 1,5 hours drive from Rovaniemi. Book an unforgettable day trip to either!

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Swim in the arctic sea during winter

During the cruise, visitors get a chance to experience the freshness of wintery sea by floating in arctic waters wearing extremely warm floating suit. If that is not your cup of tea, discover the beauty of the Bothnian Bay by feet, as visitors will get an opportunity to walk safely on the frozen sea ice during the cruise. After unique outdoor activities, enjoy hot drinks in icebreakers’ restaurants. In winter, Lapland’s weather can be cold, and the sea can make it feel even colder than on land – remember to dress warm!

Unforgettable day trips on unique icebreakers

Icebreaker Sampo has been cruising on the waters of the Bothnian Bay for over 30 years. The vessel is like a moving museum! Polar Explorer Icebreaker is built in 1976, but it was fully rebuilt in 1991.

In both icebreakers, you can go and discover the engine rooms and all way up to Captain’s bridge. The duration of both cruises is approximately 3 hours. With transport from Rovaniemi, a day trip lasts approximately 8 hours.

Yes captain, I’m ready to go!

Polar Explorer Icebreaker and Icebreaker Sampo operate in February, March and April – In Lapland, those are the months when the sun starts to bring light to the days after dark polar nights. You can book a day trip with transport from Rovaniemi to both icebreakers. In addition, both will include:

  • Ice breaking with the vessel
  • Walking on sea ice
  • Icy water swimming
  • Lunch