Summer cottages in Rovaniemi

Take advantage of Rovaniemi’s summer like a Finn.

One thing in the world you can always trust: Finnish people enjoy the midnight sun in their summer cottages. After all, there is more than a half million cottages in Finland. For unforgettable Rovaniemi summer experience, book a cabin, relax with your friends in larger cottages, or admire the midnight sun from a floating hut.

Accommodation surrounded by nature and close to city center?

On the top of Ounasvaara fell you’ll find modern chalets surrounded by the oldest forests in Rovaniemi area. From the cabins you’ll have a chance to enjoy arctic luxury, that has direct access to nature. Book a mountain bike activity or discover Ounasvaara’s trails and campfire sites by feet. From the north side of Ounasvaara, you’ll find more summer cottages and a restaurants by the river. Rovaniemi city center is only 2,5 kilometers away.

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Best collection of summer activities in Lapland, Finland

Arctic summer can’t really be understood profoundly without experiencing cottage life in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. Certain activities belong to a summer culture: Warming up sauna and swimming in fresh arctic waters, fishing, barbecue on a terrace with family and friends, and of course rowing a boat under the majestic midnight sun. There are various activity providers in Rovaniemi who will help you to experience the ultimate summer cottage life with all its belongings in Rovaniemi.

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Sleep well in holiday villages

Holiday villages around in Lapland offer you friendly services and activities in addition to cozy stay. Admire the midnight sun through the a glass roof or sleep next door of Santa Claus Office, or try Finnish sauna by some of the summer cottages located by a lake.

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Plenty of ways to relax under the midnight sun with friends and family

Planning to visit Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland with many of your dearest ones? Book some o

f our well-equipped and intimate larger cottages for your stay. After all, Finns tend to bring friends and family to their cabins for summer celebration. There are several accommodation options with beds for more than five persons.