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Restaurants Amarillo

Easy-going and sunny, Amarillo restaurant serves the best Tex-Mex in Rovaniemi, Lapland and the bar offers drinks and a good time in Lapland style.

Restaurants Arctic Restaurant
Arctic Restaurant

Arctic Restaurant's menu serves tastes from northern forests and fells as well as fish and seafood from lakes of Lapland and from Arctic Ocean.

Restaurants Arctic SnowHotel Ice Restaurant & Ice Bar
Arctic SnowHotel Ice Restaurant & Ice Bar

The Ice Restaurant of Arctic SnowHotel is a spectacle, an attraction on its own. Enjoy an unforgettable 3-course dinner with dessert served on an ice plate!

Restaurants Arktikum Café and Restaurant
Arktikum Café and Restaurant

Taste and feel the north in Arktikum Café. You’ll get to savour the colourful northern harvest in our lunch buffet and soak in arctic design on your coffee break.

Restaurants Bull Bar & Grill
Bull Bar & Grill

Bull Bar & Grill is an American style restaurant in the building of Arctic City Hotel and it offers amazing food in a great atmosphere.

Restaurants Buusti Lounge & Deli
Buusti Lounge & Deli

Buusti Lounge & Deli is located next to the Santasport bowling alley offering many choices from daily lunch to varied snacks. Buusti serves fresh salads, delicious burgers, soups and sandwiches.

Restaurants Café & Bar 21
Café & Bar 21

Cafe & Bar 21 is the coolest Cafeteria and Cocktail Bar in Rovaniemi! 21 is situated right in the city center of Rovaniemi, address Rovakatu 21.

Restaurants Christmas House Restaurant & Coffee Bar
Christmas House Restaurant & Coffee Bar

Christmas House Restaurant & Coffee Bar is a popular luncheon restaurant and a pleasant cafeteria in Santa Claus Village, Arctic Circle.

Restaurants Fishing Center Simojoen Lohiranta
Fishing Center Simojoen Lohiranta

You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner from the restaurant of Fishing Center Simojoen Lohiranta.

Restaurants Frans & Chérie Bistro
Frans & Chérie Bistro

Frans & Chérie is easy going French bistro where you find a la carte, lunch and bar. In our cabinet there´s possibility to organize dinners or meetings also for bigger groups.

Restaurants Glass Restaurant
Glass Restaurant

The Glass Restaurant offers pure northern ingredients and flavours of Lapland in an atmospheric and unique setting in Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle.

Restaurants Himo

Welcome to the Finland´s northernmost restaurant specializing in sushis and Asian flavours. Enjoy our selection of sushis, woks, dimsums, soups and springrolls!

Restaurants Kesärafla Sauna
Kesärafla Sauna

Kesärafla Sauna is The Summer Restaurant in Rovaniemi. In addition to tasty foods from charcoal grill and refreshing drinks, you can rent a towel and step into our public sauna.

Restaurants Korean restaurant Hanki
Korean restaurant Hanki

At Korean restaurant  HANKI, you can taste the traditional, authentic Korean cuisine. In addition to it, Lappish favorite flavor is delivered through reindeer meat and salmon modified in a Korean way.

Restaurants Korundi Kitchen & Café
Korundi Kitchen & Café

Korundi House of Culture feeds not only the mind but also the body: Korundi Kitchen & Café is a fresh lunch restaurant, an atmospheric art café and an enchanting meeting spot in a refurbished historical post bus depot in central Rovaniemi.

Restaurants Kota Restaurant of Arctic SnowHotel
Kota Restaurant of Arctic SnowHotel

Kota Restaurant serves lunch and 3-course dinner in a magical atmosphere by an open fire.

Restaurants Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi
Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi

The Lapland Restaurant Kotahovi is a Lappish-style restaurant run by the Körkkö family, located in the Santa Claus Reindeer resort at the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland.

Charter restaurants Lumikartano Restaurant
Lumikartano Restaurant

Lumikartano Restaurant is made entirely of massive logs, giving it a rustic and cozy atmosphere that is sure to transport you to a world of relaxation and comfort.

Restaurants Monte Rosa
Monte Rosa

Come and try out the fine local flavors spiced up with an international touch in Monte Rosa restaurant in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

Restaurants Nest

At Nest´s genuine Lappish interior a delicious buffet menu is served from a wooden boat. The gorgeous wooden boat filled with crushed ice offers a wide selection of fresh and crisp delicacies of Lapland and northern waters.

Restaurants Nova Skyland Hotel and Restaurant
Nova Skyland Hotel and Restaurant

Nova Skyland restaurant serves modern Lappish meals prepared with local ingredients.

Restaurants Rakas Restaurant & Bar - local food with love
Rakas Restaurant & Bar - local food with love

The panoramic restaurant of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, caters delicious Scandinavian Bistro menu with continental & local cuisine in unique surroundings in Lapland.

Restaurants Ranua Resort - Wild Arctic Restaurant
Ranua Resort - Wild Arctic Restaurant

Maistuvaa lappilaista ruokaa - pieneen tai suurempaan nälkään.

Restaurants Restaurant Bord
Restaurant Bord

Enjoy a delicious meal in the hotel´s cozy restaurant. The menu offers Nordic classics, local delicacies and casual street food.

Restaurants Restaurant Gaissa
Restaurant Gaissa

Restaurant Gaissa’s menu includes modern Finnish and Lappish special delicacies. The restaurant is located in Santa's Hotel Santa Claus.

Restaurants Restaurant Nili
Restaurant Nili

Restaurant Nili is unique and authentic Lappish restaurant in Rovaniemi. Nili’s food is delight in the flavors of specialties from Lapland prepared from fresh local ingredients.

Restaurants Restaurant Pohjanhovi
Restaurant Pohjanhovi

Restaurant Pohjanhovi is a à la carte restaurant with a great view to the Kemijoki river in Rovaniemi serving Finnish classics and Lappish specialties.

Restaurants Restaurant Valdemari
Restaurant Valdemari

The local Restaurant Valdemari in Rovaniemi, Lapland is home to an easy going mood all year around.

Restaurants Ristorante Rosso
Ristorante Rosso

Rosso is a laid-back and straightforward Italian restaurant where it is always a pleasure to stop by.

Restaurants Roka

Roka provides a friendly, personal and intimate 25-seater, neighborhood restaurant where we offer to you what we do best: serving bistro-style & street food made from the finest ingredients, chock-full of authentic & original flavors and accompanied with refreshing and sophisticated beverages.

Restaurants Roka Kitchen & Wine Bar
Roka Kitchen & Wine Bar

The culinary cornerstone of Roka Kitchen & Wine Bar is in relaxed Northern Finnish cuisine with a twist of European flavours. 

Restaurants Saigon Noodle Bar
Saigon Noodle Bar

Saigon Noodle Bar is the first and unique Vietnamese Restaurant in Rovaniemi. We deliver fresh - green - authentic Saigon Taste. Address Rovakatu 26.

Restaurants Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle Restaurant Arctic Eye
Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle Restaurant Arctic Eye

In our menus, the pure flavours of Lapland, grown under the midnight sun, are merged with spicy nuances of the Orient.

Restaurants Santa's Pizza & Burger
Santa's Pizza & Burger

Santa’s Pizza & Burger is a traditional fast food restaurant in the Arctic Circle. Our menu consists of delicious pizzas and hamburgers made with our own special recipe.

Restaurants Santamus

At Santamus you can enjoy local culinary creations and be entertained with unforgettable gold panning program

Restaurants Sky Kitchen & View
Sky Kitchen & View

Admire the stunning natural scenery through our panoramic windows while savoring the culinary pleasures created by Sky Kitchen & View restaurant in Rovaniemi.

Restaurants Snowman World Snow Restaurant & Ice Bar
Snowman World Snow Restaurant & Ice Bar

The Snow Restaurant and Ice Bar are attractions themselves with snow carvings, amazing lighting and snow and ice sculptures.

Restaurants Three Elves Restaurant
Three Elves Restaurant

Three Elves Restaurant offers Lappish cuisine every day of the year. It is situated right at the Arctic Circle, in Santa Claus Village. 

Restaurants YUCA

Small window to Mexico - Taqueria Yuca is an authentic Mexican restaurant situated next to Cafe & Bar 21.

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