Ultimate Christmas story from Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is the one and only place for real Christmas experience. Santa Claus Village and other Christmas related attractions are providing unique and atmospheric setting for all kinds of stories: Christmas episodes, Santa Claus’ messages, Christmas magic in iconic Santa Claus Village and Winter wonderland report from Lapland.

Rovaniemi’s strong and unique Christmas brand together with the many years of experience working with different media from allover the world, makes the working reliable and smooth.

Find here planning advices and tips for the ultimate Christmas story from Rovaniemi – The Official hometown of Santa Claus.

Best possible visiting time

is in early winter from October until mid November and March.

In the highseason (from mid Nov onwards) there are limitations on availabilities (interviews, meeting Santa Claus, activities and accommodations). During the winter highseason it cannot be guaranteed that all plans can be implemented as wished.

Start by

  • Contacting Visit Rovaniemi’s PR team for the suggestions, advices, permissions and filling the media application well in advance
  • Searching and booking the flights & accommodations & local transfers
  • Providing the draft plan or script for Visit Rovaniemi’s PR team
  • Detailed planning begins…

Tips for Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village is open every day of the year, so the Christmas spirit can be lived and documented in any day. The belov mentioned Christmas attractions welcome media to create the atmospheric Christmas content. Kindly notice that the media visit must always be agreed in advance.

There are more to be experienced and added in the content in Santa Claus Village. Some activities and services can be seasonal, or available only by request.

Santa Claus Village Fact Sheet

500 000 annual visitors from all over the world
Arctic Circle line crosses the central square of the Village
Roosevelt Cottage built in 1950 to be the first building at the Arctic Circle
Santa Claus has been meeting visitors 30 years, daily basis
Special Arctic Circle postmark available in Santa Claus’ Main Post Office