Ruska is the Finnish word for Autumn leaf color

Ruska is the Finnish word for Autumn leaf color. This amazing natures display is at its best usually in mid-September or at the end of September. This phenomena is triggered by the dropping temperatures and nature begins to prepare for the winter. The Autumn Color truly gets to shine the colder and dryer the nights get, and different trees get different leaf colors from sparkling yellow to warm oranges and fiery red, even with splashes of purple.

Autumn reveals the true leaf colors

Fun to know about Autumn Color Ruska: Did you know that all the trees collect the chlorophyll from the leaf to protect it from the winter. The tones of color are already in the leaf itself, just hiding under all the green during the summer months, Autumn only reveals the true leaf colors. Rovaniemi has many water areas such as rivers and lakes, and many of Rovaniemi accommodations boast in the autumn colored landscapes near light reflecting waters, talk about heavenly.

You can find Autumn on a plate here

The locals love their nature here in Rovaniemi and September is the time for harvesting in the forests. Actually when the Ruska is at its best it is also the best time for berry and mushroom picking. Lapland is known for diverse nature´s bounty, and many Lappish chefs cherish the nature and its seasons. You can find Ruska on a plate here in the local restaurants.

Ruska time is one of the best hiking season in Lapland

Ruska time is one of the best hiking and activities season in Lapland, the nature is booming of colours of fire, it is cooler to hike and the scent is earthy and soft, you can truly breathe nature in and let it fill your all senses. Ruska is also one of the photographic season in Lapland. Being one of the best periods for landscape photographers, Rovaniemi might surprise you with easy access to Autumn Color nature just outside the city center. There are plenty of routes close to the rivers and scenery spots to marvel the fiery landscapes.

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