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Restaurants Amarillo

Easy-going and sunny, Amarillo restaurant serves the best Tex-Mex in Rovaniemi, Lapland and the bar offers drinks and a good time in Lapland style.

Restaurants Bull Bar & Grill
Bull Bar & Grill

Bull Bar & Grill is an American style restaurant in the building of Arctic City Hotel and it offers amazing food in a great atmosphere.

Restaurants Café & Bar 21
Café & Bar 21

Cafe & Bar 21 is the coolest Cafeteria and Cocktail Bar in Rovaniemi! 21 is situated right in the city center of Rovaniemi, address Rovakatu 21.

Bars and night clubs Café & Bar Zoomit
Café & Bar Zoomit

In Cafe & Bar Zoomit, people gather together to enjoy each others company while bartenders make the best drinks in town of Rovaniemi.

Restaurants Frans & Chérie Bistro
Frans & Chérie Bistro

Frans & Chérie is easy going French bistro where you find a la carte, lunch and bar. In our cabinet there´s possibility to organize dinners or meetings also for bigger groups.

Bars and night clubs Ice Disco of Snowman World
Ice Disco of Snowman World

Located in Santa Claus Village, the ice disco of Snowman World offers the coolest evening out for the whole family, in below zero temperature!

Bars and night clubs Irish Pub Oliver`s Corner & Night Club
Irish Pub Oliver`s Corner & Night Club

Oliver's Corner is a pleasant pub with wide range of whiskeys and long line of beer taps. Also sports channels in the pub. The nightclub offers live bands, karaoke and good music.

Bars and night clubs Lapland Brewery Pub
Lapland Brewery Pub

Lapland Brewery is craft beer brewery In Rovaniemi, Lapland.  There is also a pub in the brewery where you can always get fresh and tasty beer served by professionals.

Bars and night clubs Motel Käpylä restaurant
Motel Käpylä restaurant

The restaurant and retro bar at Motel Käpylä offer you a nostalgic time travel to the 70's in Finland.

Restaurants Restaurant Valdemari
Restaurant Valdemari

The local Restaurant Valdemari in Rovaniemi, Lapland is home to an easy going mood all year around.

Bars and night clubs Roof Terrace Mökki
Roof Terrace Mökki

Roof Terrace Mökki allows everyone to enjoy the true atmosphere of Finnish summer cottage: you can play mölkky, dance, do yoga, watch movies, take a bath or just enjoy the sun.

Bars and night clubs Sky Bar of Arctic SnowHotel
Sky Bar of Arctic SnowHotel

The coolest drink bar in town! Sky Bar is located in the shores of Lake Lehtojärvi, a 30-minute drive from Rovaniemi city center.

Bars and night clubs Uitto Pub
Uitto Pub

Uitto Pub is a comfortable, relaxed and legendary pub in the Rovaniemi city. Our cheerful staff serves you high-quality beers, drinks, snacks and meals.

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