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Shopping Centre Rinteenkulma

Over 70 000 items under same roof.

Published: September 26, 2016

Sampokeskus Shopping Centre

The most diverse shopping centre in Rovaniemi is conveniently located along a promenade street. Sampokeskus Shopping Centre at Rovaniemi is an oasis of trends, fashion and beauty. Here you will find comprehensive fashion stores, a variety of cafés and restaurants of high quality, as well as a tourist information desk and a pharmacy. The shopping centre offers a diverse selection of almost 40 stores, various services and a relaxed atmosphere that is complemented by a cinema and a parking hall for 220 cars.

Published: September 26, 2016

Revontuli Shopping Centre

Revontuli Shopping Centre is located right in the heart of the City of Rovaniemi, above the E4 main road. Revontuli holds around 30 different shops that offer fashion for the entire family, beauty products, sports and wellbeing products, books and games, and much more. We also have a large supermarket from which you can buy food and other household supplies.

Published: September 26, 2016

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