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Longer Trails

Looking for a proper, sporty snowmobiling experience? Look no further, this is the one!

Published: December 20, 2018

Searching for the Auroras

One of the best times to spot the Auroras is said to be in the evening even before midnight and exactly then we will be on a premium spot in the nocturnal landscape!

Published: December 20, 2018

Highlights of Your Arctic Journey

Reindeer, snowmobiles and Santa Claus – a dream come true for all Lapland visitors.

Published: December 19, 2018

Huskies and Snowmobiles Galore!

The thrill of snowmobiling and the speed of husky sleigh ride all in one – this must be a lucky day!

Published: December 19, 2018

Taste of Wilderness

This safari is a good option for those who want to get a real feeling for snowmobiling as well as for families with children.

Published: December 19, 2018

Fisherman’s Luck by Snowmobile (snowshoe introduction included)

Head for the wild waters on your snowmobile and learn all about the favorite leisure time activity of the locals. During this experience you can also try snowshoes!

Published: December 19, 2018

Arctic Lifestyle

Arctic Lifestyle is a safari house and program service company based in Rovaniemi, Finland. We aim to provide unforgettable experiences for our customers through the spell of Lappish nature, first class equipment and experienced staff.

Published: October 11, 2016

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