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Lapland is Finland’s northernmost province and makes up almost a third of the whole country. The regional capital is Rovaniemi, the Official Hometown of Santa Claus.
Lapland is large and sparsely populated; the province is bigger than Portugal or Hungary, for example, with a population of only 180 000. The amount of reindeer, 200 000+, surpasses that of people!
In Lapland, there are several areas with their own local flavours and characteristics, but all share one common trait: stunning natural beauty year round. Explore Lapland further by heading to our fellow destinations’ sites below.
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Ranua has grown in the heart of lakes, rivers and vast areas of wilderness in Southern Lapland. Centre of Ranua is in the crossings of road 78, routes 941 and 942. It is easy to get to Ranua by car or by bus. Ranua is known of the Ranua Wildlife Park, where you can find the only polar bears in Finland. There are also about 50 other arctic and northern species in the park. Other attractions in Ranua are the golden cloudberry – hilla, as well as lakes and rivers with plenty of fish to catch. Surrounding nature invites you to calm and relax in cleanness and silence.

There are hiking and paddling routes in the area. In winter there are skiing tracks and snowmobile routes. Snowmobile and husky safaris serve the thrill-seekers. Boat and reindeer safaris, horse-back riding and carriage rides, as well as farm visits provide an atmospheric option.

Find out more on the Ranua website.

Distance from Rovaniemi 1 hr.

Visit Ranua, see Polar bears in Northern Finland


The Pyhä-Luosto area consists of two fell resorts and villages, Pyhä and Luosto, a 20-minute drive from each other, connected by a chain of fells that form the backbone of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. The area is easily reached by bus from Rovaniemi all year round.

The area is a mecca for backcountry skiing in Finland. Besides skiing and snowboarding, all nature-connected activities from ice climbing to husky tours and horseback riding to mountain biking are available here.

Find out more on the Pyhä and Luosto websites.

Distance from Rovaniemi: 1,5 hours

Couple enjoying the views in Pyhä-Luosto National Park an hour and a half from Rovaniemi


Up in the very northern part of Lapland, Inari is a village and municipality known as a hub for Sámi culture in Finland. 45 minutes south of Inari, ski and holiday resort Saariselkä lies on the edge of the Urho Kekkonen National Park, named after Finland’s longest-serving president.

The wildernesses of Inari start at the doorstep in any village of the area and will delight true outdoor lovers throughout the year. Fishing, Aurora hunting, hiking, snowhoeing, snowmobiling… you got it.

Find out more on the Inari-Saariselkä website.

Distance from Rovaniemi: 3,5 hours

Lapland destinations - Saariselkä in Inari


Ruka is a ski and holiday resort in Kuusamo, close to the Russian border. The nearby Oulanka National Park is known for some of Finland’s most popular hiking routes thanks to spectacular natural spots and sights along the paths.

Ruka offers a range of services and activities all year round, its rivers being ideal for canoeing and rafting in the summer, while the winter season caters for winter sports enthusiasts as well as holidaymakers looking to drive snowmobiles and ride in reindeer sleighs and husky sleds.

Find out more on the Ruka website.

Distance from Rovaniemi: 2,5 hours

Lapland destinations - Ruka in Kuusamo


Salla lies “in the middle of nowhere”, as their slogan says, which in this case means Eastern Lapland. The village boasts a ski resort with a felltop view all the way to Russia as well as possibilities for loads of activities and adventures in the wild year round. Salla has a strong local flavour.

Explore the beautiful natural setting by mountain bike in the summer or cross-country skis in the winter, or with reindeer or huskies. Hiking in the Oulanka National Park is also recommended.

Find out more on the Salla website.

Distance from Rovaniemi: 2 hours

Lapland destinations - Salla


Levi is Finland’s most popular ski resort and lies in the municipality of Kittilä. In the last couple of decades, Levi has evolved from a small holiday resort to a micro city with scores of services and events, and even hosts an alpine skiing World Cup competition each year.

Like most Lapland destinations, Levi has a wide selection of activities year-round, from mountain biking and jet skiing in the summer to all snow-related sports and activities in the winter.

Find out more on the Levi website.

Distance from Rovaniemi: 2 hours

Lapland destinations - Levi in Kittilä


Ylläs is an area with seven fells, two connected ski resorts and two villages nestled in and around the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. A popular holiday destination for decades, Ylläs has managed to evolve without losing its authentic feel.

A plethora of activities in all four seasons as well as the rugged natural beauty anywhere you go are the name of the game in Ylläs, too, with felltop views deemed national heritage by many.

Find out more on the Ylläs website.

Distance from Rovaniemi: 2,5 hours

Lapland destinations - Ylläs

Sea Lapland

Sea Lapland is an area in Southern Lapland made up of five municipalities along the Bothnian Bay coast. The two main towns of the area are Tornio on the Swedish border and Kemi, known for its two major attractions: the icebreaker Sampo and the SnowCastle.

The sea presents a whole new set of possibilities for activities like boating, fishing and snowmobiling, and the Bothnian Bay National Park has unique island landscapes – in Lapland.

Find out more on the Sea Lapland website.

Distance from Rovaniemi: 1,5 hours

Lapland destinations - Kemi in Sea Lapland


Enontekiö is situated in the northwestern part of Finnish Lapland, right on the tripoint with Sweden and Norway. The main villages of the municipality are Hetta and Kilpisjärvi that lie two hours from each other.

Enontekiö is a destination for those looking for pure nature and an authentic arctic experience. Located deep within the Arctic Circle, it is a land of wild, open spaces where reindeer roam free. The area is home to Finland’s highest fells and has by far the most mountainous scenery in Lapland.

Find out more on the Enontekiö Lapland website.

Distance from Rovaniemi: 4-5 hours

Lapland destinations - Kilpisjärvi in Enontekiö

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