Rovaniemi Restaurants Summer 2021

Rovaniemi summer selection of restaurants is relaxed, courageous and lush. The restaurants of Rovaniemi are anything but humble, we dare to say the hottest in Finland! The capital of Lapland offers not only unique restaurants and relaxed summer terraces but also local specialities and urban flavours from around the world. This summer capital has a capasity to serve over a 1000 summer terrace customers - double the amount of the grand terrace of Helsinki.

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Rovaniemi is The Official Hometown of Santa Claus® and Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle is like a real village offering dreamy services and amenities. You can choose form a variety of magical accommodations, enjoy arctic delicacies at local restaurants and cafes, join the daily arctic activities and of course fall in love with the mellow happiness of Christmas magic all year round.
Action, Lists, Places, Tips April 27, 2021 Santa Claus Village in the summer
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What if I told you we have an overall population density of 1,98 persons per square kilometer, which is one of the lowest in Europe, more reindeer then people, the cleanest air and waters in the world. Yet we live in a modern city filled with services and even luxury. Our summer nights are light like the most romantic pink twilight, and that our summer temperatures are mild like the birds milk, as we Finnish people like to say. Would you believe me? And the list goes on...
Action, Lists, People, Phenomena, Places, Tips March 22, 2021 COOL – ARCTIC – LIGHT Lapland Phenomena ...
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Even when the locals see the Northern Lights every year, we never get bored with them or lose the feel of childhood magic and fairytale. Here the #visitrovaniemi social media went crazy again in nights of dreamy Auroras:
Uncategorized, Lists, People, Phenomena, Places, Tips March 6, 2021 Rovaniemi social media went Green of Auroras ̵...
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Traveling to Lapland in winter with kids is a dream come true in many ways. As The Official Hometown of Santa Claus® Rovaniemi offers a one-of-a-kind winter wonderland. Rovaniemi offers so much wonders on top of eternal Christmas Magic that we had to make a list:
Action, Lists, Places, Tips February 18, 2021 Winter holiday in Rovaniemi with kids
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We collected a few bulletproof tips where to get familiar with reindeer during your stay in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland.
Lists, Tips February 11, 2021 Rovaniemi the City of Reindeer – the Very Be...
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Welcome to a Finnish sauna! We Finns love our Sauna, and when you visit Finland, you must experinece sauna. A traditional Finnish sauna is like Finnish food culture, pure and simple.
Action, Lists, People, Phenomena, Places, Tips February 1, 2021 Finnish Sauna Culture
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Check out Rovaniemi TOP 10 Instagrammable winter venues. Rovaniemi is perfectly located to enjoy those snowy views as well as those arctic nature phenomena. Check out our Rovaniemi Winter TOP 10 venues to add to your to do list!
Lists, Places, Tips January 29, 2021 Instagrammable TOP 10 of Rovaniemi Lapland Winter
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This is a special post for all true lovers of Lapland, to ease the longing until we meet again! We listed the TOP web shops of Lapland to order your very own piece of Lapland, online.
Uncategorized, Lists, Tips November 26, 2020 Get your very own piece of Lapland – Now availab...
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There are several different ways to experience the Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi. See a few of our tips here!
Lists, Phenomena, Tips October 27, 2020 Top ways to see the Northern Lights in Rovaniemi
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Rovaniemi lies at the confluence of two major rivers, the Kemijoki and the Ounasjoki. In the winter, the rivers are frozen for several months, lending extra ground for exciting winter activities.
Action, Lists, Tips October 26, 2020 Top 5 things to do on Rovaniemi’s frozen rivers ...
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The autumn is an overlooked season when it comes to visiting Rovaniemi. Spanning from late August until late November, it's an ideal time for activities.
Action, Lists, Tips September 12, 2020 Top autumn activities in Rovaniemi
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Rovaniemi bathing in an amazing full 8 nights in a row of Northern Lights. September just beginning and we are already having a full sky-spectacle for over a week, amazing right? All arctic people have their own beautiful mythology, believes and names for this heavenly phenomena. In Finnish the Northern Lights are called ”Revontulet”.
Uncategorized, Lists, People, Phenomena, Places, Tips September 3, 2020 Social media went crazy – 8 Amazing nights i...
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Are you the type of traveler, who is not just looking for relaxation and pampering – but wants to get active, go outdoors, and explore nature? To feel the adrenaline and excitement, like the locals? Keep reading: we wrote the best tips to get the most out of your adventure in Rovaniemi.
Uncategorized, Action, Lists, Tips July 20, 2020 Adventure begins in Arctic Rovaniemi Summer
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Missing Rovaniemi? We miss you too! As travelling is not possible at the moment, we wanted to bring Rovaniemi closer to you. Read our tips to enjoy the Arctic Circle from your own couch.
Action, Lists, Places, Tips May 20, 2020 How to explore Rovaniemi while staying at home
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Take this time to adjust your mind into thinking more sustainably, what Lapland Rovaniemi has to offer all year round.
Action, Lists, People, Phenomena, Places, Tips April 20, 2020 Missed out a Lapland trip? Don’t worry we ha...
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We all love pictures, to have memories, but to also share them on Instagram and social media. We listed the five most picturesque activities to do in winter.
Uncategorized, Lists, Tips February 20, 2020 5 Most Instagrammable winter activities in Rovanie...
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Rovaniemi is a true winter wonderland, but some winter months are snowier than others. If snow is your key driver, wait until January, February and March to experience the powdery white landscapes.
Uncategorized, Lists, Tips January 14, 2020 Planning a trip to Rovaniemi? 8 Reasons to Visit R...
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There are plenty things to do during the summer in Rovaniemi, in Lapland, Finland. Here are a selection of different programs to choose from for a short city break.
Lists, Tips May 2, 2019 Two Days in Rovaniemi – 10 Things You Don’t Wa...
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Rovaniemi, in Lapland, Finland, is a dream summer destination, if you're looking for an unique experience with easy-going activities and authenticity.
Lists, Tips April 2, 2019 8 Reasons Why Rovaniemi is The Summer Destination ...
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