Who we are and what we do

Welcome to the Official Hometown of Santa Claus! Visit Rovaniemi is the local tourist board of the Rovaniemi region in Lapland, Finland. Below you’ll find information on what we are and do as a company, staff member presentation as well as our contact and billing details.

Visit Rovaniemi - the Rovaniemi region tourist board

Established in 2007, Visit Rovaniemi (Rovaniemi Tourism and Marketing Ltd.) is the local tourist board of the Rovaniemi region in Lapland, Finland. Visit Rovaniemi engages in image marketing, media visits, communications and PR, tourist information.

Visit Rovaniemi's tasks in brief

  • Uphold and strengthen the “Rovaniemi, the Official Hometown of Santa Claus” brand
  • Promote Rovaniemi as an international travel destination
  • Coordinate regional joint marketing efforts
  • Maintain Rovaniemi a subject in international media
  • Provide tourist information services for Rovaniemi
  • Handle sales of tourism related products and services

For more information on what Visit Rovaniemi does and how, please see further down this page.

Santa Claus feeding the birds in his Official Hometown Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Contact details

Street address:
Visit Rovaniemi
Koskikatu 12
96200 Rovaniemi

+358 16 346 270
+358 40 829 0676

Email and online:
info (at) visitrovaniemi.fi

Billing details

Business ID (Y-tunnus):

Electronic invoices:
Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)

OVT 003718399347

VAT number (Y-tunnus) FI18399347

Email invoices:
003718399347 (at) procountor.apix.fi  PDF ONLY!



Sanna Kärkkäinen

Managing Director

In charge of:

  • Brand marketing
  • International campaigns
  • Public relations

+358 40 576 3414
sanna.karkkainen (at) visitrovaniemi.fi


Janne Pallari

Brand Manager

In charge of:

  • Brand marketing
  • International campaigns
  • Digital marketing

+358 400 479 954
janne.pallari (at) visitrovaniemi.fi

Johanna Kreku

Content Manager

In charge of:

  • Communication
  • Content Creation and development
  • Content Creation Process Development and Content Digitalization

+358 40 356 o588
johanna.kreku (at) visitrovaniemi.fi

Johanna Kreku VisitRovaniemi

Sofia Ahvenainen

Social Media Manager

In charge of:

  • Social media

+ 358 40 554 3020
sofia.ahvenainen (at) visitrovaniemi.fi

Visit Rovaniemi staff Sofia Ahvenainen

Salla Tauriainen

PR ja Media Manager

In charge of:

  • Media visits & inquiries
  • Tour operator visits
  • Marketing (B2B)

+358 40 776 2418
salla.tauriainen (at) visitrovaniemi.fi


Annukka Jarkko

Marketing Coordinator

In charge of:

  • Contact Person for Visit Rovaniemi Partner Companies
  • Product Marketing

+358 40 702 9931
annukka.jarkko (at) visitrovaniemi.fi


Leena Takalo

Officer of Tourism

In charge of:

  • Tourist information

+358 16 346 270 / +358 40 829 0676
info (at) visitrovaniemi.fi


Lyyti Mäkiniemi

Officer of Tourism

In charge of:

  • Tourist information
  • Event Production

+358 40 180 6016
lyyti.makiniemi (at) visitrovaniemi.fi

Lyyti Mäkiniemi Visit Rovaniemi

Sari Kalla

Finance & Administration

In charge of:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Administration

+358 44 770 8481
sari.kalla (at) visitrovaniemi.fi


Sari Kalla Visit Rovaniemi, Finland

Visit Rovaniemi Board of Directors

Mr. Esko Määttä, Member/ Mr. Janne Sandgren , Alternate member
Mr. Antti Määttä, Member/ Mr. Matti Impiö, Alternate member
Ms. Susanne Hulbekkmo, Member/ Ms. Sanna Sandgren, Alternate member
Mr. Matti Kuru, Member/ Mr. Veli Moilanen, Alternate member
Ms. Petra Kurtti, Member/ Mr. Pekka Rinne, Alternate member
Mr. Ilkka Länkinen, Member/ Mr. Mika Kulmala, Alternate member

What we do

Visit Rovaniemi as a company

Visit Rovaniemi engages in image marketing, media visits, communications and PR and tourist information.

In addition, the company coordinates and commissions joint marketing efforts for the Rovaniemi region. The number of partner companies has already surpassed 200. Partner companies are all shareholders in Visit Rovaniemi, owning a combined stake of 49 per cent. The remaining 51 per cent is owned by the City of Rovaniemi and administered by Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency Ltd.

Besides cooperation with owners and stakeholders, Visit Rovaniemi works closely with other regional tourist boards in Lapland and the Regional Council of Lapland, as well as national organisations Visit Finland and Business Finland. Co-operators also include airlines and national railway operator VR, along with a plethora of international tour operators and national and international media.

Visit Rovaniemi and the City of Rovaniemi were granted the President’s Internationalisation Award by President of Finland Sauli Niinistö in 2016. Visit Rovaniemi also won an international travel marketing award in the European Tourism Stars competition in 2015. In 2017 ProCom, the Finnish Association of Communication Professionals, handed their Communications Activity of the Year award to Visit Rovaniemi. We also won the Tourist Company of The Year 2017 by Association of Finnish Travel Agents AFTA.

Located in the very centre of Rovaniemi, Visit Rovaniemi has six full-time employees. In the office, personal tasks include marketing, media visits, accounting and management. On street level, Rovaniemi Tourist Information serves customers with knowledge of the area and sells a variety of activity tours and other programme services, as well as official Rovaniemi products and souvenirs.


Values, vision and mission

Visit Rovaniemi's values

In all its operations Visit Rovaniemi focuses on the values of the Rovaniemi Christmas brand; the element of surprise, creativity, being ever-present, authentic and the living centre for the tale of Santa Claus and Christmas.

The company maintains its values in all of its brand communications, marketing and operative activities and communicates these values actively and utilising multiple channels.

Visit Rovaniemi's vision

Rovaniemi, the hometown of Santa Claus, is the world’s leading Christmas-themed travel destination, and a destination held in high esteem by local inhabitants and tourists alike. The marketing and communications for this renowned holiday, conference and incentive travel destination is managed by Visit Rovaniemi.

Market leadership and the increase in international travel sales has enhanced the travel business to become profitable throughout the year. The travel services implemented on a customer oriented basis are well available and easily purchased through a variety of different channels.

Visit Rovaniemi is an interesting international brand value partner that realises marketing through partnerships. Due to its marketing expertise, marketing of the area and brand partnerships, Visit Rovaniemi is the leading regional organisation for tourism in Lapland and a pioneer in Finland.

Each year, Visit Rovaniemi’s number of shareholder companies grows by 10 % and intermediated sales by 15 %. Visit Rovaniemi operates as a commercially viable hub for regional tourism development, marketing and sales of travel services.

Visit Rovaniemi's mission

Rovaniemi, the Official Hometown of Santa Claus, is the world’s leading Christmas-themed travel destination. Visit Rovaniemi is responsible for ensuring that the brand position is implemented and that the value of the Christmas brand increases.

Visit Rovaniemi is responsible for the cost effective joint marketing of its shareholder companies and the region as well as the brand marketing for the area.

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