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B&Bs and apartments Aakenus Apartments
Aakenus Apartments

Aakenus Apartments is located in a peaceful area, close to the Rovaniemi town centre and it offers good quality apartments for affordable rates.

Cottages Aapishovi Chalet
Aapishovi Chalet

Aapishovi Chalet is located in a peaceful place at the shore of Ounasjoki river, 30 kilometers from Rovaniemi.

B&Bs and apartments Aaria Bed & Breakfast
Aaria Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast Aaria offers a home style alternative for accommodation near Rovaniemi city center and Ounasvaara Ski Resort in Rovaniemi, Finland.

B&Bs and apartments Accommodation Kotareitti
Accommodation Kotareitti

Accommodation Kotareitti offers semi-detached houses located near to Ounasvaara Ski Center and Rovaniemi city center.

Cottages Ahosen Lomamökit
Ahosen Lomamökit

Ahosen Lomamökit is small holiday village in Rovaniemi countryside, about 30 kilometres from Rovaniemi city center. Cosy cabins for 4, 6 or 8 persons.

Cottages Arctic Glass Igloos
Arctic Glass Igloos

Unique “northern lights friendly” Arctic Glass Igloos are located just next to the Arctic SnowHotel. They offer “all-sky vision” in complete comfort.

Hotels Arctic Light Hotel
Arctic Light Hotel

Arctic Light Hotel is a brand new contemporary hotel situated in Rovaniemi. The family-owned hotel is easy to reach and it's only steps away from the main activity providers, shopping facilities and cultural attractions.

Snow accommodation Arctic SnowHotel
Arctic SnowHotel

The Arctic SnowHotel in Rovaniemi, Finland is an entire world of snow and an experience destination that provides an exotic possibility to spend the night sheltered by snow.

Hotels Arctic TreeHouse Hotel
Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Welcome to the luxury comfort of the first Arctic TreeHouse Hotel. We offer you a brand new way to experience the Arctic Circle and the beauty of the Northern Lights in the nest like atmosphere of our thoughtfully designed suites.

Cottages Aurora Village in Ivalo
Aurora Village in Ivalo

Experience authentic Lapland under the Auroras. Our Aurora Cabins offer a fantastic view from the comfort of your bed towards the Northern sky where the Northern Lights most often appear. Aurora Village is located in the forests of Inari county.

Cottages Bear's Den
Bear's Den

At Bear´s Den the untamed wilderness is all around you. The log cabin is located only 30km from Rovaniemi city center.

Cottages Blueberryhill Cottage
Blueberryhill Cottage

Beautiful natural scenery, top-quality accommodation and optimal location guarantees unforgettable holiday in Blueberryhill cottage!

B&Bs and apartments B&B Kiltatupa
B&B Kiltatupa

B&B Kiltatupa offers accommodation in two comfortable apartments located on the shore of the river Kemijoki, an hour's drive from the center of Rovaniemi.

B&Bs and apartments B&B Kotitie
B&B Kotitie

B&B Kotitie offers accommodation for 2-4 persons in peaceful location only few minutes away from the center of Rovaniemi. The wooden house has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room.

B&Bs and apartments Casa Arctica
Casa Arctica

Casa Arctica is a family-run accommodation offering three apartments in central Rovaniemi. We aim to provide friendly and high-quality accommodation for all of our guests!

Cottages Christmas Chalets
Christmas Chalets

Christmas Chalets bring on the seasonal spirit 365 days of the year. Summer or winter, autumn or spring, we guarantee you’ll spend Christmas in style in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

Hotels City Hotel Rovaniemi
City Hotel Rovaniemi

The family-owned City Hotel is located right in the center of Rovaniemi. Each of the rooms have their own character with exceptional comfort and personal service.

B&Bs and apartments Forenom furnished apartments
Forenom furnished apartments

In Forenom’s apartments in Rovaniemi you live just like at home – as long as you wish. The apartments are furnished with everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Hostels and guesthouses Guesthouse Borealis
Guesthouse Borealis

Guesthouse Borealis is an affordable and friendly, B&B accommodation in Rovaniemi run by a local family where all the family members take good care of their guests.

Hostels and guesthouses Guesthouse Outa
Guesthouse Outa

Guesthouse Outa is a reasonably priced and pleasant accommodation located in the Rovaniemi city center.

B&Bs and apartments Headquarters Chalet
Headquarters Chalet

This modern chalet is located just 10 minutes’ drive from Rovaniemi city centre and features on-site cross country skiing trails, free Wi-Fi and a state-of-the-art sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi.

Holiday villages Holiday Village Gulo Gulo
Holiday Village Gulo Gulo

Gulo Gulo, the new holiday village at Ranua Wildlife Park has 20 apartments capable of accommodating a total of 120 guests. Holiday Village Gulo Gulo is open throughout the year, and large variety of tourist services are at your disposal right around the corner.

Hostels and guesthouses Hostel Café Koti
Hostel Café Koti

Hostel Café Koti is located in the heart of Rovaniemi. The building was originally a bank and the old feeling is kept in renovation but spiced up with modern and cosy touch.

Hotels Hotel Aakenus
Hotel Aakenus

Hotel Aakenus is a family hotel, located in peaceful area, close to Rovaniemi town center. Our hotel offers good quality rooms for affordable rates.

Hotels Hotel Vartiosaari
Hotel Vartiosaari

Hotel Vartiosaari is located on an island in the middle of the River Kemijoki, only 10 min from Rovaniemi. 11 rooms are decorated with Finnish design classics.

B&Bs and apartments Kotimaailma

Cozy, fully furnished and equipped Kotimaailma apartments in Rovaniemi. Live comfortably close to the interesting sights of the city in a beautiful spacious apartment!

B&Bs and apartments Kätkävaaran Luontokeskus
Kätkävaaran Luontokeskus

Accommodation between the towns of Rovaniemi and Kemi close to important nature conservation sites.

Cottages Lakituvat Cabins
Lakituvat Cabins

Stylish and fully equipped Lakituvat cabins offer a pleasant way to spend your holiday in Rovaniemi. The cabins are located on the beautiful crown of Ounasvaara fell, between Ounasvaara Ski Resort and Santasport.

Hotels Lapland Hotel Bear's Lodge
Lapland Hotel Bear's Lodge

Lapland Hotel Bear’s Lodge in Rovaniemi is a magnificent wilderness hotel. This hotel will make a splendid setting for a relaxing holiday, a productive meeting or a special occasion.

Holiday villages Lapland Hotel Ounasvaara Chalets
Lapland Hotel Ounasvaara Chalets

In Lapland Hotel Ounasvaara Chalets, quality accommodation and the traditional Lappish menus of restaurant Thulia will guarantee you an enjoyable stay only 3 km from the center of Rovaniemi.

Hotels Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara
Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara

On top of the hill Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi, in the middle of Lappish nature you’ll find Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara, an ideal hotel for a leisure or business traveler.

Holiday villages Loma-Vietonen

Loma-Vietonen holiday village is located in the middle of wild Lappish nature, 64 km from Rovaniemi city and it offers different kind of high standard accommodation possibilities from apartments to cottages.

B&Bs and apartments Mummola Travels
Mummola Travels

Mummola Travels would like their guests to experience Mummola (grandparent's place) and Lapland like they were friends visiting them.

Cottages Napapiirin Järvilomat Holiday Village
Napapiirin Järvilomat Holiday Village

Napapiirin Järvilomat is a holiday village located in a rural environment on the banks of Lake Vietonen, 60 km from Rovaniemi.

Camping Napapiirin Saarituvat Camping
Napapiirin Saarituvat Camping

Napapiirin Saarituvat camping is situated along the beautiful river Kemijoki, 7 km from Rovaniemi. We offer camping services in summertime.

Cottages Napapiirin Saarituvat cottages
Napapiirin Saarituvat cottages

Napapiirin Saarituvat is situated along the beautiful river Kemijoki, 7 km from Rovaniemi. We offer self-catering accommodation in cosy and tiny red cottages.

Hotels Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Rovaniemi
Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Rovaniemi

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, located in the center of Rovaniemi, Lapland, is a high-class, international hotel featuring Lappish hospitality.

Camping Ounaskoski Camping
Ounaskoski Camping

You find us in the midst of the beautiful scenery of Rovaniemi, on the bank of the river Kemijoki. Ounaskoski Camping has facilities for tents and caravans.

Cottages Ounasvaaran Lakituvat Chalets
Ounasvaaran Lakituvat Chalets

Ounasvaaran Lakituvat luxurious chalets are located in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings on top of the Ounasvaara hill.

Cottages Poro-Pekan Pirtti
Poro-Pekan Pirtti

Poro-Pekan Pirtti accommodation facilities are located on the banks of river Ounasjoki in a traditional landscape with valuable cultural history, 50 km from Rovaniemi city.

Cottages Pyrykieppi Cottage
Pyrykieppi Cottage

Pyrykieppi is a vacation cottage built in 2009, located in the village of Sonka 33 km from Rovaniemi city. Only 100 m from lake Sonkajärvi.

Hotels Rantasipi Hotel Pohjanhovi
Rantasipi Hotel Pohjanhovi

Rantasipi Hotel Pohjanhovi is a legend of the North; a truly versatile and Lappish meeting place where guests from all over the world feel at home.

Hotels Rantasipi Polar
Rantasipi Polar

Rantasipi Polar is a cozy and comfortable hotel open on winter season from November to March. The hotel is located right in the city center of Rovaniemi.

Camping Ranua Zoo Camping
Ranua Zoo Camping

RanuaZoo Camping is an excellent base, whether your intentions are short or longer trips to the wilderness of Ranua or to Ranua Wildlife Park. The caravan area is open year around.

Holiday villages Santa Claus Holiday Village
Santa Claus Holiday Village

Santa Claus Holiday Village offers hotel-standard accommodation in cabins at the Arctic Circle, in the heart of Santa Claus Village.

B&Bs and apartments Santalux Apartment 1
Santalux Apartment 1

Fully renovated 74 m2 apartment for 1-7 persons with sauna and small balcony, free WiFi. Located in the heart of Rovaniemi, all the services are in a walking distance.

B&Bs and apartments Santalux Apartment 2
Santalux Apartment 2

Santalux Apartments 2 ( with sauna and balcony ) offers you an excellent alternative to a hotel. Furnished two bedroom apartment (73 m2) is located within walking distance of city centre services.

Hotels Santa's Hotel Rudolf
Santa's Hotel Rudolf

Santa's Hotel Rudolf is cozy and non-smoking hostel located only 600 m from the center of Rovaniemi. The hotel is part of family-owned Santa's Hotels chain.

Hotels Santa's Hotel Santa Claus
Santa's Hotel Santa Claus

Santa's Hotel Santa Claus is a high-quality hotel and it's located in the center of Rovaniemi at the Lordi's Square and along the promenade.

Hotels Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle
Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle

Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle, premium glass igloos by Santa's Hotel Santa Claus are located in the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

Hotels Scandic Rovaniemi
Scandic Rovaniemi

Scandic Rovaniemi hotel has a great location in central Rovaniemi, between two main shopping centers.

Snow accommodation Snowbrick

SnowBrick Sine iGloo Village is in Sinettä, close to Rovaniemi. Have unforgettable moments by building your own igloo and spending night in it in Lappish countryside.

Snow accommodation Snowman World Igloo Hotel
Snowman World Igloo Hotel

Experience the most special night of your life in a room built entirely of snow and decorated with ice.

Cottages Sonkamökit Cottages
Sonkamökit Cottages

Well-equipped cottages are located by lakes Sonkalampi and Palojärvi which offers great opportunity to all kind of forest excursions and berry picking trips.

Hotels Sporthotel

Santasport offers stylish and sporty hotel-quality rooms that are located next to all Santasport services in the main building.

Cottages Uitonpuisto Villa
Uitonpuisto Villa

Uitonpuisto Villa is a traditionally built, modernly equipped two-storey timber villa at the shore of the lake Portimojärvi. The Villa is located 50 min from Rovaniemi and 15 min from Ranua and Ranua Wildlife Park.

Cottages Ukonloma cottages
Ukonloma cottages

Ukonloma cottages are three wilderness cottages near Rovaniemi city area, only 11 km from the city center. Cottages are very well equipped and suitable for four to six persons.

Cottages Villa Hanhi
Villa Hanhi

Villa Hanhi is a quiet countryside type of house in Rovaniemi - the official hometown of Santa Claus. It was built in 2004 and it is located on the Ounasvaara fell.

Cottages Villa Lande Rovaniemi
Villa Lande Rovaniemi

Villa Lande is self-catering, 4-bedroom house located along Lake Langolampi, less than 25 minutes’ drive from central Rovaniemi.

Cottages Villa Somosenranta
Villa Somosenranta

Beautiful and luxurious Villa Somosenranta is located near river Raudanjoki in the middle of nature, but only 20 km drive from the city of Rovaniemi.

Camping Wanha Autti Camping Rovaniemi
Wanha Autti Camping Rovaniemi

Wanha Autti Camping is located 80 kilometers from Rovaniemi in the idyllic village of Autti. The year-round camping site has a beautiful view of the river Kemijoki.