Haman Scandinavia

Haman Scandinavia has been providing B2B travel arrangements throughout Scandinavia and Finland since 1964. We offer package tours and incoming services for the whole of Scandinavia as well as Russia and the Baltic countries.

Haman Scandinavia belongs to HamanGroup and consists of Haman Scandinavia AS, Terra Nova Scandinavia AS, Authentic Scandinavia AS and Scandinavian Incentives AB.

Countries from which bring customers and where we operate are : Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, UK, USA + Canada, Austria, Croatia, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, South Africa

Grenseveien 82
NO-0663 Oslo

+47 2 294 13 79
+46 879 100 45


Operating countries

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