Easyweeks Tour Operator

E-Week of Easyweeks Tour Operator, was born in 2011 by tourism professionals, for years in contact with the destination Finland.

Over the years the request for the destination has led us to produce tailor made products, focusing on the various activities in Finland, Lapland including: wild nature, fishing, ice-hockey excursions, husky safari, reindeer safari, boreal hunting and all those activities that lead to excite our customers.

Our itineraries are both with guaranteed departure min. 2 with Italian escort, which packages are tailored according to customer needs, in the summer our strong point is the Fly & Drive.

There are several hotel accommodations: from classic hotels to cottages and igloos of glass, all chosen by our ability to select only the best for our customer base, to give everyone the true e-sense of travel.

Via G. Sacconi 41,
63822 Porto San Giorgio (FM)

+39 06 960 30982


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