Best Served Scandinavia

Best Served Scandinavia is an independent, tailor-made tour operator specialising in holidays to Scandinavia, Canada and the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Our Best Served specialists have been everywhere from the frozen north inside the Arctic Circle to the reindeer farms of wintry Lapland. We’ve personally stayed in the hotels we recommend, enjoyed excursions and plotted our own paths on self-drive and independent tours. We’ve eaten around campfires beneath still and starry Finnish skies, mused over menus in local farm-to-table restaurants, sought the Northern Lights, walked up glaciers, snowmobiled through snowy forests, cruised the fjords, dodged icebergs and still found time to patiently spot a polar bear or three.

So whether you are looking for a weekend break, a luxury, romantic holiday, fun and adventure on the snow and ice, a special visit to see Santa or just a relaxed self-drive holiday, our experienced team is here and ready to help you put together your perfect trip.

Dorset House, Third Floor
27-45 Stamford Street
United Kingdom

+44 (0)207 838 5956


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