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Santa’s Luxury is a premium multi-brand store offering high-quality clothing, accessories, shoes, interior decoration and gift items made of the finest natural materials such as cashmere, silk, linen, merino wool, leather and fur. From our selection you can find Finnish and Scandinavian brands. Our selection is a combination of pure, timeless design with luxurious materials which results in a contemporary look and feel. Products are made of finest natural materials. For example our cashmere products include lightweight and airy scarfs, wonderfully warm shawls, turtlenecks, tunics, hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, robes and ponchos. Other materials include for example baby alpaca, wonderful kidmohair, linen, merino wool, silk and fur. Home decor products are designed to create a stylish finishing to an elegant home and office. Create a calm, balanced atmosphere to you decor with soft colours, update your home with season’s novelties and pamper yourself and the loved ones with the perfect comfort.

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Santa’s Luxury
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