COVID – 19


VISIT ROVANIEMI INFORMATION ON COVID – 19 (page updated 27th of March)

Many flights are cancelled, dear travelers go to the nearest airport to rearrange your return! Contact your tour operators and airlines! Utilize the daily connections to Helsinki. From Helsinki there are flight options to many destinations:

Finnair flies once daily on 70-seater to Rovaniemi arriving in 13.10 and departing 13.40. Kindly notice that the tickets by Finnair can be changed exceptionally well now.

VR Due to the coronasituation, VR has cancelled some of their long distance and commuter traffic departures. Find this information on their website https://www.vr.fi/cs/vr/en/traffic_info. Some departures will be replaced by buses, you can find information about the replacements on the same page.

Finavia (Finnish airports)

easyJet has informed about pick up flights from Rovaniemi to London on Sun 22.3. and Wed 25.3. kindly check the situation, that might change.

Norwegian At the moment there is one daily connection available from Rovaniemi to Helsinki.

Rovaniemi Airport is open and there are 2-3 daily flights to Helsinki (at 13-14 and at 18) by Finnair.

Some tour operators (TUI/NL) are organizing charter flights for picking up the clients. These flights cannot be tracked in web sales – thus the only way catching the flight is connecting the tour operator directly. These flights can only be operated under exceptional permission. Foreign travellers cannot arrive in to Finland on these so called pick up flights.

The Emergency Legislation set by Finnish Government (since 18th March) has closed Finland´s borders and Passenger Traffic to and from Finland, starting 19th March 2020 at midnight and until 13th April 2020! Dear travelers this applies to everyone except Finnish citizens and foreigners with permanent residence in Finland. 

Public gatherings are limited to no more than ten persons, and it is recommend to avoid spending unnecessary time in public places!

Read here: Government, in cooperation with the President of the Republic, declares a state of emergency in Finland over coronavirus outbreak

In case of Illness

Read here: Find the contacts of your nearest healthcare provider

Read here: Latest updates on Corona virus

Take care of your hygiene

Wash your hands properly to stop the virus from spreading! Use soap and wash your hands for 20 seconds.

Stop the virus – Cough and sneeze correctly

When you cough and sneeze, always use a tissue and throw used tissues accordingly to the bin


Read here and find your embassy and the contacts of foreign affairs here!


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