Wild About Lapland – Local Rovaniemi safari company awarded with Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland

Wild About Lapland is specialised in small-group tours in the Rovaniemi area. The safari experiences are designed to offer guests a memorable experience of Lapland. All tours are limited to a maximum capacity of 8 guests per tour to provide a responsible tour  with no constant rush, and more personal approach in the experience. The passionate team of Wild About Lapland is keen to share their knowledge and lifestyle with visitors from all around the world with a motto “the smaller the group, the bigger the experience”! Wild About Lapland is committed to the Manifesto of Responsible Tourism Enterprise which ensures a responsible behavior.

Canoeing with Wild About Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland

The local companies have been joining forces for Sustainable Travel Finland trademark that offers a concrete toolkit for travel destinations to help Finland’s travel destinations to adopt sustainable procedures and to make sustainable choices in their business.

Previously a local sustainable accommodation company made headlines when – Ollero Eco Lodge – Local Rovaniemi company awarded with Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland. Rovaniemi is a living proof what makes responsibility the new luxury.

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