Visit Rovaniemi invites all businesses to join Sustainable Travel Finland program

The first labelled company in Rovaniemi is The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel.

The future of travel is in sustainability, and responsibility is the new luxury. Visit Rovaniemi is among the first to join Sustainable Travel Finland -program and achieving a Sustainable Travel Finland –label became possible on June 1, 2020. The first companies have already been awarded with the label, and the first labelled company in Rovaniemi is The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, one of the six Sustainable Travel Finland labels awarded to Lappish companies by Visit Finland.

The development of sustainable travel industry in Lapland Finland has experienced a boost by the crisis. Sanna Kärkkäinen, the managing director of Visit Rovaniemi reminds that this is the perfect time for everyone to take these steps towards sustainable tourism. “Sustainability and responsibility are the core values of tomorrows destinations, through our communication we, at Visit Rovaniemi, ensure that local companies making responsible and sustainable actions, will prosper in the future.”

Businesses can join the program free of charge

Visit Rovaniemi with its partners have taken the responsibility and sustainability seriously, and now run a Sustainable Travel Finland –programme, helping the local tourism to develop more responsible. Kärkkäinen encourages all local businesses to join this program, free of charge. The program provides companies and destinations with a sustainable development process including ecological, social, economic and cultural dimensions; a concrete toolkit to gain the Sustainable Travel Finland label and have access to a continuous development model.

By taking the local voices on board in the planning and offering locally produced services and products Rovaniemi stands a chance of serving a variety of more sustainable experiences to travellers of the future.

Read the whole story about Sustainable Travel Finland.

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