Santa Claus is heading your way from the Arctic Circle!

Santa Claus has begun his great annual journey around the world from the Arctic Circle Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland on 23rd of December.


Today on 23rd of December 2021 Santa Claus embarked on his annual journey around the world, from snowy Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle. Before jumping on to his reindeer pulled sleigh, Santa Claus had a few merry wishes to share with the people of the world, along with an important message. What has Santa got in store for us this year, and what is the true meaning of Christmas?

We share with you, from the magical and snowy Rovaniemi, this heart-warming Moment Before Christmas with Santa Claus.


“Santa Claus hears the world through the annual visitors and the letters he receives. Even through the uncertain times he reads the joy and good wishes of the children and the selflessness of the people. And through this moment before Christmas, we want to share the thoughts and message of Santa Claus to people all over the World.” States Sanna Kärkkäinen the Managing Director of Visit Rovaniemi.

Katja the main postal Elf from Santa Claus Main Post Office, says that it is magical that even if the letters are written to be delivered to the North Pole all the post offices around the world know that Santa Claus lives in the Arctic Circle Rovaniemi, so the letters are referred to Santa Claus Main Post Office. Katja Elf says it is not just about the wish lists, Santa Claus hears the world through these letters.

Supporting Santa Claus on his spectacular journey from Finland are Finavia, Fintraffic and Finnish Meteorological Institute. “Smooth flight planning ensures that Santa’s trip is safe, fast and environmentally friendly.” States Riikka Pusa, Leader of Aviation and Defence in Finnish Meteorological Institute. The three operators help planning Santa’s route, the use of airspace and aviation weather forecasts to ensure that Santa can fly in the best tailwind and avoid the most difficult weather. Santa has a special permission to land on any Finavia airport to refuel, that is, to feed the reindeers and have a meal.

“When Santa leaves Helsinki FIR borders, Finavia, Fintraffic and Finnish Meteorological Institute cooperate with other national aviation entities to assure Santa a smooth flight route across the globe.” Pusa confirms.


Merry Christmas everyone, Santa Claus in on his way!


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Sanna Kärkkäinen Managing Director, Visit Rovaniemi

sanna.karkkainen (at) visitrovaniemi.fi, Tel. +358 40 576 3414


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