Rovaniemi referred as Dream Destination in Vogue


When bespoke travel company Black Tomato unveiled “Take Me on a Story,” a collection of five immersive itineraries revolving around classic children’s literature, the hunt for fairy tale destinations was on. According to Jancee Dunn in her Vogue article “Looking to Plan a Family Trip When the World Opens? Here, 7 Dream Destinations” where she searched for destinations as far away from reality as possible, Rovaniemi and the magic of Christmas was one of the shining seven Dream Destinations handpicked. The Vogue has 24,9 million monthly readers and catches the eyes of more than 230 million digital users and social followers.


Traditional Lapland sleigh ride through the snowy forest pulled by actual reindeer


Private, eight-day Tailor Made Finland tour offered by Abercrombie & Kent was handpicked by Dunn. The tour includes a meeting with Santa Claus himself and begins with a handwritten note on parchment paper requesting a lunch with Santa, served by elves in his secret forest, Joulukka. Afterwards, families will visit the elves’ toy factory, where presents are busily being fashioned.

Dunn praises the traditional Lapland sleigh ride through the snowy forest pulled by actual reindeer, and the opportunity to take part in elf school to learn skills such as gingerbread house decoration, and not to mention straight out of  Frozen – the Ice Restaurant, where food is served on ice plates.

Dunn adds that the trip is a win not just for kids, but for parents—as it will ensure the children behaving their best through the end of the year.


Santa Claus Secret forest Joulukka in Rovaniemi


In Rovaniemi you can do some elf magic in the real elf workshop. Your new forest friends will reveal top secrets of real woodwork, art of making world’s most desired toys, see the biggest book of wishes and even meet Santa Claus!  This special toy factory experience is available on request.


For reservations and more information, kindly contact info(at)santapark.com

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