Lapland has the network to make it work – Executing a safe travel environment

Lapland travel industry has always been known for effective networking between the travel companies and the authority. “Working side by side across industries here in Lapland is built-in. The Lapland companies are strongest when working together in crisis” says Sanna Kärkkäinen, the Managing Director of Visit Rovaniemi.

Lapland travel industry, throughout the years, has always based on networks, and Tourism Safety Tools® with earned international merit, stands as a great example of Lapland´s safety politics. Lapland tourism industry shows it´s strength yet again in the time of Covid-19, by planning safe travel corridors to enable Finland to be open for travel. Lapland travel companies are working closely with Lapland Hospital District  Chief Infection Specialist Markku Broas to prepare a safe customer path to welcome charter flights.

The local tourist boards, travel companies and travel trade have presented the Charter-model for the ministries, to enable a safe travel path from key markets. The Lapland travel industry has been united when presenting the current state of the travel market and the future sightings of the economic effects, to the Finnish government. It is a common interest of Lapland economy to execute a safe travel environment and to open Finland for travel.

Finland´s Prime Minister Sanna Marin has already indicated of an amendment to help open Finland for travel. The possibility of executing the Charter-model is being tackled in collaboration by several ministries and shall proceed to government formation talks next week.


More information:

Sanna Kärkkäinen, Managing Director

+358 40 576 3414
sanna.karkkainen (at) visitrovaniemi.fi

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