Happy World Post Day from Santa Claus’ Main Post Office!

World Post Day is celebrated 9th of October. You might ask that who even sends traditional cards and letters anymore in 2022, but you’d be surprised how busy the post office in Arctic Circle is.

The Santa Claus’ Main Post Office is located in Rovaniemi, Lapland and has some fun and charming facts to be shared about letters and cards.

  1. Santa receives almost 30 000 letters a day in the Christmas Season
  2. Letters arrive from 200 countries
  3. Santa Claus has received gifts as well, such as wool socks, chocolate and carrots for reindeers
  4. All in all Santa Claus receives about half a million letters every year

Letters arrive from 200 different countries with several different languages, so Santa Claus and Elfs need to be multilingual and skilled to be able to read and write down each wish. Santa Claus receives a lot of gift lists, but also drawings, pictures ja hand made art from kids. Some want to delight Santa also by sending him some gifts, such as wool socks, chocolate or carrots for reindeers. So lovely!

Post from Santa Claus Main Post office

Also visitors at the Arctic Circle send a lot of letters and cards from the Santa Claus Main Post office to their loved ones.  Each post gets Santas post stamp which is only available at the Santa Claus Main Post office in Rovaniemi. Santa Claus also loves writing letters, so it is possible to order a Christmas letter from Santa Claus to anywhere is the world.

Read more about Santa Claus Main Post Office, article: Santa Claus hears the world through the letters, Experience Arctic Circle. How to Travel to Rovaniemi


Published 7th of October 2022

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