Beyond Arctic – Local Rovaniemi safari house awarded with Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland

Beyond Arctic holds values like respect and care very high, and all our tours and expeditions are based on the values of sustainable travelling. The Beyond Arctic team is deeply committed to keeping local nature pristine by minimizing their environmental impact.

Beyond Arctic states that they remove and recycle all litter produced on their trips, and that all the wood they use is produced by themselves and impact to the nature is minimized. No petrol-operated snowmobiles are used in their safaris and they use modern vehicles to ensure the latest technology is used to reduce pollution.

Aurora Borealis Workshop in Beyond Arctic Office in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

The local companies have been joining forces for Sustainable Travel Finland trademark that offers a concrete toolkit for travel destinations to help Finland’s travel destinations to adopt sustainable procedures and to make sustainable choices in their business.

Previously a local sustainable safari company made headlines when – Bearhill Husky local Rovaniemi company was awarded with Sustainable Travel Finland label by Visit Finland. Rovaniemi is a living proof what makes responsibility the new luxury.

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