Welcome to blooming Rovaniemi in summer 2019!

#RovaniemiSummerAmbassador – Experience the Arctic Summer-Life, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the city of Rovaniemi, located at the edge of the world in Finnish Lapland. Here, the magnificent and almighty Midnight Sun makes it easy to tune your mood into total summer-madness.

What is it?

Is a chance to experience the Arctic summer in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland.

#RovaniemiSummerAmbassador is an invitation to experience and explore Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ Official Hometown, in summer time & use your creativity under our out of ordinary light conditions. For three nights, the ambassadors have a chance to wander and marvel at our white nights created by the midnight sun.

The challenge is for social media influencers, journalists & new media journalists who want to send their greetings all around the globe from a distant place, while taking part of a rare summer adventure under the magnificent Arctic midnight sun.

How is Rovaniemi summer?

Midnight sun Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador in Lapland Finland

Husky Kennel Tour in Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador campaign 2018 Lapland Finland

Rovaniemi, a city best-known for being a true winter wonderland, has a miraculous summer that had – until now – been a well-kept secret. The campaign offers an opportunity to be among the first people to discover the wonders of Arctic nature from a box seat.

Here you can’t really separate  night from day as the sun never fells beyond the horizon in these latitudes during the summer. In addition to extraordinary, natural light conditions, Arctic summer days come with a fresh breeze, absolute greenness of the surrounding wilderness, clean natural waters – and of course, Finnish summer madness.

Being a rather small city, Rovaniemi can treat you not only with a myriad of activities, but also with a chance to relax. It’s up to you to choose which one you want to become: summer-crazy or summer-lazy.

We offer the playground, you create the play

Rovaniemi area offers authentic and unique surroundings for creating content for your media channels. We (@visitrovaniemi) wish to be tagged in to your posts and see the outcomes of your creativity on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Also, we’ll appreciate the use of our hastags #RovaniemiSummerAmbassador, #visitrovaniemi, #rovaniemi in your publications.

Apply to become #RovaniemiSummerAmbassador 2019 by sending an application email with information of your channels, followers and reach.
Please note that to be eligible we would like to know your style and a little bit of your personality, just to be sure that the chemistry is there.

Send your application to:
Ms. Salla Tauriainen, salla@visitrovaniemi.fi


Revv Motoring, Singapore 3.- 8.6.2018

Singapore’s only Motoring and Lifestyle Video Magazine

Newsweek Polska – Jacek Pawlicki 14.-17.6.2018

Jacek is a Polish journalist and photographer in Newsweek Polska. His Rovaniemi articles will be published on paper edition and online version of Newsweek Polska.

Sally Meeson, 9.-12.7.2018

Freelance journalist and owner of Boutique Media House – www.boutiquemediahouse.com

Je Papote, 9.-12.7.2018

A French blogger living in Enontekiö, Finland – www.je-papote.com

Cheeserland, 1.-6.8.2018

Cheesie is a singaporean blogger who loves Japan – www.cheeserland.com

“After my trip, the first thing coming in my mind when hear word “Rovaniemi” is the wonderful nature at its purest!”

Sissiworld, 10.-13.8.2018

Sissi and her parents are an Italian family writing a blog about their travels – www.sissiworld.net

I Am Aileen, 21.-25.8.2018

Aileen Adalid is a travel blogger & vlogger and entrepreneur from Philippines. Check iAmAileen.com and iAmAileen.tv


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


Henkilön Aileen Adalid (@i_am_aileen) jakama julkaisu

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, Healthy Voyager, 6.-8.9.2018

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is a Latina holistic nutritionist, vegan chef, cookbook author, speaker, show host, consultant and healthy travel and lifestyle expert. Check Carolyn’s site on healthyvoyager.com


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


Henkilön Carolyn Scott-Hamilton (@healthyvoyager) jakama julkaisu


Eileen W. Cho, 10.-13.6.2018

Eileen W. Cho is a 25 year old Korean American photographer and journalist. Her Rovaniemi articles will be published on Hello Giggles and several other magazines. www.eileenwcho.com

“I’ve learned many things that day:
1. Rovaniemi is a place where you will experience the world with childlike wonder.
2. Food can break down barriers.
3. Even though these people here lead Arctic Circle lifestyles, once we start talking, we realize we have so much more in common than we think.”

Federica Di Nardo, 25.-28.6.2018

Federica is an Italian blogger and instagrammer – www.federicadinardo.com

Ester Cuni & Marco Hernández Luis (Marco stories), 13.-16.7.2018

Ester and Marco are instagrammer and blogger couple from Tenerife, Spain – www.tripoftwo.com

“What surprised me the most was the midnight sun. A stunning experience and above all unique. I think it is something you can only live in Rovaniemi.”

Susan Jose, Hindustan Times, 12.-17.7.2018

Susan is an Indian journalist working for Hindustan Times. She has also IG account @coffeekindofpeople.

Roy & Sue, 9.-13.8.2018

Chinese travel couple who have the strongest passion for life. Together they have more than 1,5 million followers on Weibo (Chinese social media channel).
Sues’s Weibo account, about 1 million followers.
Roy’s Weibo account, about 640 000 followers.


Jamie Lam, South China Morning Post & Young Post, 13.-18.8.2018

Jamie Lam is a Jack-of-all-trades reporter at South China Morning Post and Young Post. Read Jamie’s article about Rovaniemi on Young Post.

“The highlight of my trip was the mountain fatbiking up Ounasvaara hill. Though the ride was bumpy, and I hadn’t ridden a bike in a while, I got a sense of accomplishment when I made it through the smaller trails and the top of the hill. The view up there was also spectacular as I could see the whole city from up there.”


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Henkilön Jamie Lam (@ypjamiel) jakama julkaisu

Tom McGregor, CCTV English, 17.-20.8.2018

Tom McGregor writes commentaries for CCTV.com in English.

Normal Chic, 27.-30.8.2018

Zoe Chan is a stylist, traveller and fashion columnist from Hong Kong. Check her page normalchic.com.


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Henkilön Fashion + Travel + Lifestyle (@zoe_normalchic) jakama julkaisu

Casey Corn, Tastemade, 27.-31.8.2018

Casey is a chef and tastemaker at Tastemade. Check also Casey’s own page www.iamthecornivore.com


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Henkilön casey corn (@casey_corn) jakama julkaisu