Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador

Due to COVID-19, we regret to inform that Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador 2020 will be cancelled this year.

#RovaniemiSummerAmbassador – Experience the Arctic Summer Life, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in the city of Rovaniemi, located at the edge of the world in Finnish Lapland. Here, the magnificent and almighty Midnight Sun makes it easy to tune your mood into total summer madness.

What is it?

It’s your chance to experience the Midnight Sun in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland in June-July.

Application period has ended for summer 2020 !

#RovaniemiSummerAmbassador is an invitation to experience and explore Rovaniemi, Santa Claus’ Official Hometown, in summer time & use your creativity under our out of ordinary light conditions. For six nights, the ambassadors have a chance to wander and marvel at our white nights created by the Midnight Sun. The challenge is for social media influencers, journalists & new media journalists who want to send their greetings all around the globe from a distant place, while taking part in a rare summer adventure under the magnificent Arctic Midnight Sun.

How is Rovaniemi summer?

Rovaniemi Summer Ambassadors will experience amazing nature and the Midnight Sun in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
@estercuni & @marcostories in Rovaniemi, July 2018
Arctic Circle Hiking Area in Summer, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. Photo Beyond Arctic
@beyondarctic Arctic Circle Hiking Area in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland in summer 2019

Rovaniemi, a city best-known for being a true winter wonderland, has a miraculous summer that had – until now – been a well-kept secret. The campaign offers an opportunity to be among the first people to discover the wonders of Arctic nature from a box seat.

Here you can’t really separate  night from day as the sun never fells beyond the horizon in these latitudes during the summer. In addition to extraordinary, natural light conditions, Arctic summer days come with a fresh breeze, absolute greenness of the surrounding wilderness, clean natural waters – and of course, Finnish summer madness.

Being a rather small city, Rovaniemi can treat you not only with a myriad of activities, but also with a chance to relax. It’s up to you to choose which one you want to become: summer-crazy or summer-lazy.

You will get

As Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador 2020,
you’ll be treated with:

  • one week stay in unique accommodation (6 nights) between 1st June and 5th July 2020.
  • Visit to Arktikum Museum and Science Centre to understand the Arctic culture, history and people
  • Bucket list activities according to your choice of theme: Romantic Rovaniemi, Arctic Summer Adventure or Family Friendly Lapland
  • As ultimate highlight of the trip, meeting with Santa Claus in Santa Claus Office
  • Return flight to Rovaniemi from the airports operated by Finnair



Themes for Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador experiences:

Romantic Rovaniemi

Calming peace of Lapland, special accommodations and intensive midnight sun. Whether you wish to have a fancy dinner or walk hand-in-hand in the middle of nature, nothing is more romantic than gazing the Midnight Sun in a scenic spot.

  • Quality time in unique accommodation under the Midnight Sun
  • Romantic picnic in Lappish pristine nature – only for you two!
  • Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience and swimming in the Arctic lake
  • Late evening excursions: Wilderness lake floating with Safartica and night photography tour with Beyond Arctic
  • Enjoying rivers of Rovaniemi by SUP and/or canoe

Arctic Summer Adventure

When the Sun doesn’t set, the adventure never ends. Lakes, rivers to paddle or float, forests and hills to wander or bike. Rovaniemi calls outdoor lovers to enjoy the arctic phenomena during an incredibly beautiful summertime.

  • Staying in a Finnish style cottage at Ounasvaara Hill in Ounasvaaran Lakituvat chalet and one special night in a floating glass hut
  • Fun action with quadbikes and fatbikes
  • Summer husky kennel experience at Bearhill Husky
  • Late evening excursions: Wilderness lake floating with Safartica and night photography tour with Beyond Arctic
  • Become Finn for a day in Apukka Resort (including food, sauna and traditional Finnish Summer goings)

Family Friendly Lapland

The city that offers a lot to the whole family, easily accessible nature with its fun adventures and Christmassy feeling of Santa Claus Village. Playful huskies and cutest reindeer will bring joy for everyone and at the end of the day it’s time to enjoy the sauna, just like the locals.

  • Get to know arctic animals in Ranua Wildlife Park and local reindeer farm
  • Summer husky kennel experience at Bearhill Husky
  • Become Finn for a day in Apukka Resort
  • Familiarize with Lappish way of living and handicrafts with local couple
  • Fun and excitement at Adventure Park Huima


Doing nothing is also totally ok – just relax and admire the Midnight Sun!

Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador 2019 river experiences and summer landscapes in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
@cheeserland in Rovaniemi, August 2018


Champagne under the midnight sun in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland, Photo Cory Varga, You Could Travel
@youcouldtravel enjoying champagne under the Midnight Sun in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland in 2019


You Could Travel Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador Cory Varga Midnight Sun Floating Safartica Lapland Finland
@youcouldtravel enjoying Midnight Sun Floating in a wilderness lake in Rovaniemi, July 2019


Rovaniemi Summer Ambassador 2019 husky experience Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland
@zoe_normalchic Husky experience in summer 2018, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

We offer the playground, you create the play

Rovaniemi area offers authentic and unique surroundings for creating content for your media channels. We (@visitrovaniemi) wish to be tagged in to your posts and see the outcomes of your creativity on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Also, we’ll appreciate the use of our hastags #RovaniemiSummerAmbassador, #visitrovaniemi, #rovaniemi in your publications.

All the Rovaniemi Summer Ambassadors need to accept terms and conditions of the campaign.

Application period has ended!
The application period ends on 13th March 2020. We will contact the chosen ambassadors by the beginning of April 2020.

Please note that to be eligible we would like to know your style and a little bit of your personality, just to be sure that the chemistry is there.
The contact details and the personal data of the applicants will only be used in this recruit process. More information about Rovaniemi Privacy Policy here.


Arian Zamani, 8.-11.6.2019

Arian Zamani is Italian-Persian instagrammer with a passion to fashion.

Amro Maskoun, 13.-17.6.2019

Amro is French-Syrian vlogger & instagrammer that totally fell in love with the clean air, husky puppies and the reindeer.

Barbara Woolsey, 15.-18.6.2019

Barbara is a freelance journalist who publishes her Rovaniemi articles in Fodor’s and Thai magazine Optimise.


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


One more husky puppy. Just because. #bearhillhusky #finland #latergram

Henkilön Barbara Woolsey (@barbara.woolsey) jakama julkaisu

Bobo Fok, 16.-21.6.2019

Bobo is a Chinese lifestyle & fashion influencer, who has more than 1 million followers in Weibo.

Santa Claus and Bobo Fok in Santa Claus Office in Rovaniemi

Declan Harte, 18.-21.6.2019

Declan is a British journalist of the Prime Magazine.

“The title city that ‘never sleeps’ should never have gone to New York. Rovaniemi on Finnish Lapland has a much stronger case, at least in the summer. That’s because the sun does not set at all in June and July…”

Ashley & Josh Brown, 19.-24.6.2019

Ashley & Josh are American couple sharing the world’s cultures through video storytelling.


Özlem Tunca, 24.6-1.7.2019

Özlem is the host of Turkish tv show “Travelling Around with Özlem Tunca” which is a top-rating weekly travel-documentary program that has aired in Channel 7 every Sunday for more than seven years.


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


Quad Safari’mizi yaptık, ormanlarda Harika zaman geçirdik🚀Bugün ormanların arasında, ağaçların üstünde çadırda gecemizi geçireceğiz diyeceğim ama ortada gece, karanlık falak yok, uyayacagımız çadırımızdayız🌸❤️ gece saat 23.00’ü gösterirken saatlerimiz gece yarısı güneşini (24 saat batmayan güneşi) bu gece çadırımızdan izleyeceğiz❤️🌸 siz de burada olmak ister miydiniz? Sessiz, sakin bir doğa, serin bir hava💞 we did our quad safari in The forests❣️we had very very nice time on the quad🌸we will stay in a tent today in The forests on the trees😍 we will watch midnight sun in forests in tent tonight.🥰 i like nature❣️ do you want to be here? @turkishairlines @visitrovaniemi @laplandsafaris @carisatravelgroup #lapland #rovaniemi #finland #nature #tent #forests #camp #camping

Henkilön Dünyayı Geziyorum Tv Programı (@dunyayigeziyor) jakama julkaisu

Alex Mazurov, 28.6-1.7.2019

Alex is a Russian travel photographer focused on outdoors and nature.

Marko Tadic, 30.6-3.7.2019

Marko is a Serbian travel-, fashion- and lifestyle blogger based in Berlin.

“Feeding the reindeer is the most incredible thing which I’ve done till now in my life!”


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


Hello from Lapland! Today is my first day here and I have amazing day with my furry friends from @bearhillhusky, we spent few hours together and I learned what happens when someone who has a great love for huskies open own kennel with a dream to win a grand prize on Alaska Sledding Championship with his best friends- dogs! The owner has a big heart and his “little” dog’s family counts 100 and more members… Today was a fantastic day fulfilled with love and my photographer tried to capture the most memorable moments! I hope you will enjoy! Thank you @visitrovaniemi for this incredible experience! I can’t wait to see what I will see tomorrow in the heart of Lapland, land of Santa Claus! ⛄️ ❄️ 🎄 ———————————————————————— Dragi moji pustolovi, znate da se ja uvek vama javljam kada imam nešto zanimljivo da podelim sa vama! Danas je zvanično moj prvi dan u Laponiji, zemlji čuda gde praznici se slave svaki dan i zvanično mesto gde živi najomiljeniji deka na svetu – Deda Mraz. Danas sam se družio sa malim krznenim prijateljima – haskijima u odgajivačnici @bearhillhusky. Odgajivačnicu je otvorio čovek koji je 15 godina sanjao da otvori svoje mesto gde će sa svima podeliti svoju ljubav prema ovoj neverovatnoj rasi. Takođe, on se bliži ostvarenju svog najvećeg sna, a to je da osvoji prvu nagradu u takmičenju saonicama na Aljasci i ja mu želim od srca da ispuni svoj san! Ja sam ispunio svoj san i @visitrovaniemi mi je omogućio da posetim Laponiju, zemlja gde svi veruju u čuda! Šta ću videti sutra ne znam, ali sam siguran da ću ovih dana upoznati Deda Mraza i neopisivo sam uzbuđen zbog toga! Šaljem vam veliki blogerski pozdrav iz Laponije! 👋🏻 ———————————————————————— #rovaniemi #finland #lapland #visitrovaniemi #rovaniemisummerambassador #mrmbymarkotadic #feelfinnair #arcticlighthotel #bethelight #bearhillhusky #travelblogger_de #reisenblog #travelblogger

Henkilön MR.M by Marko Tadić (@mrmbymarkotadic) jakama julkaisu


Clara Lock 3.-6.7.2019

Clara is a Singaporean journalist and the travel correspondent for the Lifestyle section of the Straits Times.

“When Christmas rolls around and I am baking in Singapore’s heat, I hope it will transport me back to a halcyon Finnish summer”.

Barkha Singh, 3.-6.7.2019

Barkha is an Indian actor, instagrammer and vlogger with a passion to travel, fashion and adrenaline.


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


The #joy of #travelling (for me) lies 50% in the new place and 50% in the new people I meet! Maybe that’s why I hate travelling in big groups. In #Rovaniemi I met a lot of beautiful people and I believe that the locals here have hearts as warm as bonfire in the middle of snow! . . One such girl is @annitapio We met and connected instantly. Our #energies synced the moment we met and the result, as you can see, is so pure. 22 year old Anni is like a fireball of energy and #passion and a powerhouse of #talent. What I absolutely loved about Anni was the clarity in her thoughts and her razor sharp #vision, she knew exactly what she wanted. I cannot wait to share more of our work together in the #Lappish wilderness. Lots of #love, #goodvibes and power to you my dear Anni✨❤️ . . #portrait #portraitphotography #beautyshot #joyoftravelling #travelwithB #loghouse #rovaniemisummerambassador #visitrovaniemi #nature #naturesgirl #wildhair 📸@annitapio Outfit by @moonstone.mnstn

Henkilön Barkha Singh (@barkhasingh0308) jakama julkaisu

Alexandra Türschmann, 3.-7.7.2019

Alexandra is a German family blogger concentrating on travel adventures with kids.

“Best press trip so far!”


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


(Pressereise) Wusstest du, dass das Straßennetz in Rovaniemi einem Rentier nachempfunden wurde, in Lappland nur 2 Personen auf einem Quadratkilometer leben und es strengstens verboten ist, einen Finnen zu fragen, wie viele Rentiere er hat? Wieso, weshalb, warum und noch vieles mehr haben wir im @arktikumofficial Museum und @korundihouse Museum für moderne Kunst heute gelernt. Unser Highlight war der super authentische Besuch zu Hause bei Irene. Irene hat uns nicht nur mit einem leckerem, selbstgemachten Essen versorgt sondern uns auch viel über ihr Leben in Finnland erzählt. Anschließend konnten wir in ihrem Kunstatelier selbst ein kleines Kunstwerk als Andenken für uns herstellen. Was für ein Tag 😍 Währen Erik und mein Liebster jetzt einen Bootsausflug in der Mitternachtssonne unternehmen kuscheln wir Mädels uns in unserem Christmas Cottage ins Bett. Gute Nacht 😍 @visitrovaniemi #rovaniemisummerambassador #visitrovaniemi #rovaniemi #rovaniemisummer #arcticsummer #arcticum #arcticumlapland #korundi #rovaniemiartmuseum #reisenmitkindern #reisenmitbaby #urlaubmitkindern #familienzeit #familienurlaub #instafam05juli #pressereise #elternzeit #thebestoffinland

Henkilön Family travel blogger (@levartworld) jakama julkaisu

Cory & Gergely Varga, 9.-14.7.2019

Cory Varga – You Could Travel is specialized in eco soft adventure travel and off the beaten path destinations.

“The midnight sun floating was flat out, the best experience EVER. It was incredible, liberating and super relaxing.”

Maria Kofou, 15.-18.7.2019

Maria is a Greek travel blogger who aspires to inspire more and more women to join solo travelling. Maria has visited Finland many times and she loves the Finnish sauna more than anything!

Cindy Haase, 18.-22.7.2019

Cindy is a German running blogger and passionate traveler, who also took part in the Lapland Marathon in Rovaniemi.


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


[Anzeige] SAME STORY, BUT DIFFERENT PLACE. Werde in einer Stunde meinen nördlichsten Halbmarathon bisher laufen. Irgendwie special auf meiner Road to New York. Thanks to @visitrovaniemi for this opportunity. Wo seids ihr euren nördlichsten Wettkampf gelaufen? . . . . . . . #RovaniemiSummerAmbassador #laplandmarathon #raceday #rovaniemi #naturliebe #laufen #trailrun #finnland #lappland #laufenistleben #jly19challenge #runningblogger #blogger_muc #darumlaufenwir #marathon #fitfam #laufenmachtspass #diewocheaufinstagram #glücksmomente #laufenmachtglücklich #adventure #abenteuer #jogging #endurance #downhill #laufliebe #halbmarathon #bieganie #reisenmachtglücklich #KathrineSwitzer

Henkilön Marathon, Ultra (@runfurther.de) jakama julkaisu

Josh Shephard, 24.-27.7.2019

Josh Shephard is a writer, photographer, and intrepid traveler. He tends to explore the route less taken, writing detailed guides and itineraries for your next adventure on The Lost Passport.


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


Sometimes I drive past a place and think… That’ll be an epic sunset location, and this time it was. We drove 30min south of Rovaniemi just to watch the sun set over this scenic part of the Kemijoki River. Despite the thousands of mosquitos we stayed out here until after midnight watching the endless bright sky. Huge thanks to @visitrovaniemi for hosting us in the North of Finland for a few fantastic days! . . . . . . #finland #visitfinland #summerinfinland #visitrovaniemi #rovaniemi #lapland #rovaniemisummerambassador #kemijoki #sunset #epic #awesome #beautiful #travelbloggerlife #travellove #traveljunkie #travelvibes #wanderingsoul #summer #discover #explorefurther #exploremore #slowlife #instatravel #europe #europesummer #roadtrip #offbeatdestinations #beautifuldestinations #midnightsun

Henkilön The Lost Passport (@thelostpassportblog) jakama julkaisu

Mari Carmen Cruz Martin, 2.-5.8.2019

Mari Carmen is a Spanish family blogger that has visited Rovaniemi already twice.


Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.


📍#Rovaniemi, #Laponia, #Finlandia ▫️ Día mágico en Rovaniemi. ▫️ Hoy hemos vuelto a reencontrarnos con Papá Noel 🎅, esta vez en su oficina en Santa Claus Village @santaclausoffice. Es muy majo y chapurrea algo de español. Ahora en verano está bastante liberado de trabajo, y no hay nada de cola para entrar a verle. La visita es gratuita y sólo pagas por las fotos (si las quieres, porque no puedes hacerlas con tu cámara). ▫️ Luego hemos ido a la Oficina Postal de Santa Claus @santaclausmainpostoffice. Es una oficina real de correos y es donde reciben las cartas dirigidas a Papá Noel. Cada año reciben 500.000 cartas de todo el mundo, 32.000 al día llegado diciembre 😲. Desde aquí se puede pedir que Papá Noel te escriba una carta a casa (por 8,90€). ▫️ Por Santa Claus Village, pasa el paralelo del Círculo Polar Ártico, y lo hemos cruzado y tenemos nuestro certificado😉 ▫️ Y como broche de oro de nuestra estancia en Rovaniemi, hemos ido a la granja de renos de @santaclausreindeer que tiene en el monte Porovaara, a unos 20 minutos del centro de la ciudad. Es un lugar idílico, en medio del bosque donde hemos podido dar de comer a los renos, tocarlos y ver cómo viven en verano 😍😍😍 Me han dado ganas de llevarme un reno en la maleta… Pero viajando con sólo equipaje de mano, ha sido imposible 😜 ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #locosxlosviajes #rovaniemisummerambassador #summer #lapland #visitlapland #VisitRovaniemi #viajarconniños #familywanderlust #familytravelcritic #TravelingMom #travelmadfam #santaclausvillage #santaclaus #santaclausreindeer

Henkilön Viajes con niños 👪 🛩️ (@locosxlosviajes) jakama julkaisu



Revv Motoring, 3.- 8.6.2018

Singapore’s only Motoring and Lifestyle Video Magazine

Newsweek Polska – Jacek Pawlicki, 14.-17.6.2018

Jacek is a Polish journalist and photographer in Newsweek Polska. His Rovaniemi articles will be published on paper edition and online version of Newsweek Polska.

Sally Meeson, 9.-12.7.2018

Freelance journalist and owner of Boutique Media House – www.boutiquemediahouse.com

Je Papote, 9.-12.7.2018

A French blogger living in Enontekiö, Finland – www.je-papote.com

Cheeserland, 1.-6.8.2018

Cheesie is a singaporean blogger who loves Japan – www.cheeserland.com

Sissiworld, 10.-13.8.2018

Sissi and her parents are an Italian family writing a blog about their travels – www.sissiworld.net

I Am Aileen, 21.-25.8.2018

Aileen Adalid is a travel blogger & vlogger and entrepreneur from Philippines. Check iAmAileen.com and iAmAileen.tv

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, Healthy Voyager, 6.-8.9.2018

Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is a Latina holistic nutritionist, vegan chef, cookbook author, speaker, show host, consultant and healthy travel and lifestyle expert. Check Carolyn’s site on healthyvoyager.com

Eileen W. Cho, 10.-13.6.2018

Eileen W. Cho is a 25 year old Korean American photographer and journalist. Her Rovaniemi articles will be published on Hello Giggles and several other magazines. www.eileenwcho.com

“I’ve learned many things that day:
1. Rovaniemi is a place where you will experience the world with childlike wonder.
2. Food can break down barriers.
3. Even though these people here lead Arctic Circle lifestyles, once we start talking, we realize we have so much more in common than we think.”


Federica Di Nardo, 25.-28.6.2018

Federica is an Italian blogger and instagrammer – www.federicadinardo.com

Ester Cuni & Marco Hernández Luis (Marco stories), 13.-16.7.2018

Ester and Marco are instagrammer and blogger couple from Tenerife, Spain – www.tripoftwo.com

Susan Jose, Hindustan Times, 12.-17.7.2018

Susan is an Indian journalist working for Hindustan Times.

Roy & Sue, 9.-13.8.2018

Chinese travel couple who have the strongest passion for life. Together they have more than 1,5 million followers on Weibo (Chinese social media channel).
Sues’s Weibo account, about 1 million followers.
Roy’s Weibo account, about 640 000 followers.

Jamie Lam, South China Morning Post & Young Post, 13.-18.8.2018

Jamie Lam is a Jack-of-all-trades reporter at South China Morning Post and Young Post. Read Jamie’s article about Rovaniemi on Young Post.

Tom McGregor, CCTV English, 17.-20.8.2018

Tom McGregor writes commentaries for CCTV.com in English.

Normal Chic, 27.-30.8.2018

Zoe Chan is a stylist, traveller and fashion columnist from Hong Kong. Check her page normalchic.com.

Casey Corn, Tastemade, 27.-31.8.2018

Casey is a chef and tastemaker at Tastemade. Check also Casey’s own page www.iamthecornivore.com


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