As a tour operator specialized in Lapland, we provide various types of tours to individuals, families, groups (personal or corporate) in Finland, especially in Rovaniemi and its surroundings.

Publié : 20.01.2017

Scanditours – Kuoni France

Scanditours is the first French tour operator, specialized in the nordic countries, especially Finnish Lapland. We have direct flights from Paris to Rovaniemi!

Publié : 20.01.2017

Nord Espaces

We offer multiactivity packages for individuals, families, groups of friends just outside Rovaniemi. Transfers and activities are included!

Publié : 20.01.2017

Comptoir des Voyages

Custom-made travel specialist for over 25 years, we offer various types of captivating tours to discover Finland, especially Rovaniemi.

Publié : 16.01.2017

Cap Scandinavia Travel

We offer tailor-made package tours to Rovaniemi and Finnish Lapland for both individuals and corporate clients.

Publié : 16.01.2017

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