Updated 7.6.2021

Latest updates on travelling to Finland 

According to the restrictions by the Finnish Government leisure travel to Finland (from countries with more than 25 new cases of the disease per 100 000 persons in the country in the previous 14 days) is not allowed, at least until 27th of June 2021 and until the new health security measures under preparation have been made sufficiently available.

As of 19 September Finland welcomes leisure travellers from countries with maximum of 25 new cases of the disease per 100 000 persons in the country in the previous 14 days without mandatory testing or quarantine. Leisure travel from countries with more than 25 cases / 100 000 persons is not allowed.

Finnish health authorities will review countries’ infection rates weekly. The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s traffic light model shows which countries it is possible to travel to Finland from.

On 3 June, the Government decided to extend the restrictions on entry into the country until 27 June 2021.



Situation update on coronavirus in Rovaniemi 7 June

At the moment, Rovaniemi is at the baseline level of the coronavirus epidemic. Updated information about coronavirus situation in Lapland and related news you can find from the Koronaturvallinenlappi.fi website. The website is maintained by the Lapland Healthcare District, Länsi-Pohja Healthcare District and House of Lapland



Safety information for travellers arriving at Rovaniemi in Finnish and in English (9.2.2021)

Guidelines for travellers by Finnish institute for health and welfare
Practical information for travellers to Finland by Visit Finland
Traveller’s guide to coronavirus safety

Find your inner Finn keep social distance Visit Rovaniemi

Guidelines for travellers in Lapland


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