Follow the paw print 5 h

Provided by Frozen Lake Husky
Duration: 5 hours

Join us on a whole day adventure in Naarman kaira uninhabited wilderness area. The trail runs on frozen lake and in forest. you can book your own sledge or share sled with a friend, when other one sits as a passenger in the sledge. You can change driver on the way. Experience the enthusiasm of dogs, who are always eager to work and they don't mind snuggles either. After the ride we have time to say thank you to the dogs and we take together care of them (take the harnesses off and take them back to their hime kennels). When the dogs are taken care off, we go to our lapish kota for a soup lunch. If you have special diets, please let us know in forehand.

Provided by:

Frozen Lake Husky
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