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All year
Arts and handicrafts Atmosphere of Lapland lifestyle- The secret of antler
Atmosphere of Lapland lifestyle- The secret of antler

We tell you about the established traditions and the reindeer antler work currently being produced, as well as reindeer antler working in general. After the performance, everyone will have the opportunity to make their own souvenir from reindeer antler.
Provided by Helios Tour

Arts and handicrafts Christmas Story
Christmas Story

Christmas Story is a musical drama in Alvar Aalto’s Lappia House. It offers a sack full of experiences and reveals the true spirit of Finnish Christmas.
Provided by the Theatre of Rovaniemi

Local life and culture Easter in Mummola
Easter in Mummola

Experience Easter in Lapland with Finnish Family!
Provided by Mummola Travels

Arts and handicrafts Hornwork Handicrafts A. Kangasniemi
Hornwork Handicrafts A. Kangasniemi

We welcome you to visit our handicraft workshop and Lappish home! Explore with us the versatile use of reindeer antlers as a material used in handicrafts. You will also have the opportunity to make your own souvenir of your visit.
Provided by Hornwork Handicrafts A. Kangasniemi

Arts and handicrafts Korundi art workshops
Korundi art workshops

In Korundi art workshop you get familiarized with contemporary art and art making in an inspiring environment. The art workshop lets you create art in a relaxed and fun way. Let your creativity and inner artist loose!
Provided by Korundi.

Home visits May Day in Mummola
May Day in Mummola

Experience May Day celebrations in Mummola with us between 30th April to May 3rd!
Provided by Mummola Travels

River cruises Santa Claus safari - summer
Santa Claus safari - summer

We welcome you to come and experience the most important elements of the magical ambiance of Lapland!
Provided by: Lapland Safaris