8 Excellent Do’s for the Midnight Sun

February 26, 2018 Anna Ruohonen

Have you noticed how the breeze in the air already has a hint of spring in it? When that happens here in Rovaniemi, Lapland, you know that it’s just a few more months until the midnight sun is here, where our surroundings are full of sunlight 24/7.

1. Go Wild, Go Wildswimming

Wildswimming, Rovaniemi, Sauna ferry Erkin Arkki,

No matter what the temperature is, us Finns have a habit of swimming in nature’s own pools. In Rovaniemi, you can dip into the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers. A public beach is situated nearby the restaurant Valdemari, on right side of the Jätkänkynttilä bridge when arriving from the city centre. You can also enjoy the shores of the Ounasjoki river and a small beach behind the Science Centre & Museum “Arktikum”. For more private beaches, you’ll find tiny sandy spots along the rivers. To take your experience to next level, add sauna to your swim. Take a sauna cruise for example on m/s Erkin Arkki.

2. Fall in Love Under Midnight Sun

When there’s light, one can see better – Maybe that’s why us Finns think that midsummer is an excellent time for finding the love of your life, or at least a little love for the summer. Juhannusheila is a term that literally translates to “a boy/girlfriend of Midsummer.” Midsummer celebrations in June also happens to be a popular date to get married. To conclude, all that light the Arctic summer brings, brings love with it. So come here to find your love.

Horse riding, Rovaniemi, Arctic Nature Trips

3. Take Advantage of Our Rivers

Canoe trip, Rovaniemi, Happy Fox

Situated along the crossing rivers of Ounasjoki and Kemijoki, Rovaniemi is an excellent place for all kinds of water-based activities – In summer, you don’t have to worry about darkness and to be honest, nights are maybe the most epic times to be in the water. Rent a kayak or book a guided canoe trip, rent a traditional boat, or a SUP-board and paddle your way  into silent deltas. There’s also a traditional ferry, the Kemijoen Helmi, that offers traditional sightseeing experiences.




4. Find a Recipe for a Perfect Summer Night from Kesärafla Sauna

World-class burgers, a traditional wooden sauna, and maybe a beer after? In summertime, Kesärafla Sauna by the Kemijoki river treats you with both, and for those who also fancy a swim, the fresh water of Kemijoki is at one’s disposal. The restaurant is open in summer and is situated near Lapland Hotels Ounasvaara Chalets, close to Ounasvaara Ski Resort.


Burgers in Kesärafla Sauna, Rovaniemi

5. Hey! It's Limitless Access to Sporty Activities

Mountainbiking in Ounasvaara, Santasport

No matter if your heart beats to cycling or running, Ounasvaara offers you the playground. Just put your running shoes on and take walk or run around the soft trails of Ounasvaara, rent a mountain bike and experience the trails, marked if you choose so, from the saddle. You can rent a fat bike or an electric fat bike to ride around with a guided tour or by yourself.

6. Do It Like a Finn: A Night in Terrace

This one is easy, just walk along Koskikatu in Rovaniemi city-centre and pick a terrace of your taste. Sit down and enjoy a drink, have a little chit-chat with your friends, the night is long and full of light, you have all time in the world, so don’t hesitate to try many terraces en masse. Another terrace habit during the summertime is with cabins. Cabin terraces have a similar calming influence on people as a sauna has. There isn’t a better way to end the day (or start a new one) as sitting on your cabin’s terrace in the middle of nowhere, listening to silence. Find a cottage of your style from here.

Terrace culture, Kesärafla Sauna, Rovaniemi

7. See the Midnight Sun from an Epic Place

Sightseeing, Ounasvaara, Rovaniemi

Climb to the top of Ounasvaara and see the sun, take a calm walk in the park behind the Arktikum, or observe the bright sunlight from one of the bridges in Rovaniemi. The midnight light shines only from May until late July, but it feels like it could last forever. During Midnight Sun tours you’ll experience variety of activities under the magical light in Lappish nature. If you fancy taking the view back to your home with you, participate to the Midnight Sun photography tour.

8. Do Nothing

Yes, downshifting to total nothingness is one of our best-kept secrets. Forget your mindfulness and meditation applications, just sit down somewhere outdoors or even in front of a window and enjoy the view, the smell of summer, especially summer nights. If there would be a fragrance that smells like a Finnish summer night, it’d be a success. An ideal place for doing nothing is a glass-igloo, from where you can stay awake indoors and be amazed by the midnight light. Sleep, if you can!


P.S. Rovaniemi’s summers are full of activities of all kinds. Check the complete list here.

River Ounasjoki, Rovaniemi, Midnight sun

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