How to celebrate midsummer in Rovaniemi?

Sauna, friends and good food combined with the midnight sun make the Finnish midsummer.

A celebration of summer solstice, midsummer, is traditionally celebrated with friends and family somewhere outside the city. Midsummer is Finland’s main national holiday at late June. It is viewed as the official start of warm weather. Stay in a cozy summer cottage and enjoy the Midsummer eve under the midnight sun in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland!

Time for love, spells and weddings

Midsummer is historically know as popular time for weddings, and many people cast fertility spells. Midnight Sun mythology is huge part of Finnish folklore. One popular story involves a maiden who puts seven flowers under her pillow on midsummer night, resulting in her future fiancé appearing in her dreams. In addition to collecting flowers, there are many activities taking place under the midnight sun.

Traditional Midsummer activities in Rovaniemi

Rowing a boat at night time when the midnight sun shines is an iconic thing to do in summertime Lapland. Rovaniemi has two big rivers and a myriad of lakes – you’ll find options for canoeing trips and for rowing a boat, and more. Fishing experiences of many kinds are available for those wanting to try one’s luck with Ahti, the god of waters in Finland. Add open-fire barbeque to that and your Finnish Midsummer is set!

Midsummer activities!

Summer cottages are inseparable of Midsummer

More than a half million cottages in Finland prove how much Finns love spending time in their cottages. For your midsummer celebration, Rovaniemi has larger cottages suitable for enjoying the midsummer with a group of people, or cottages located in holiday villages nearby services. Wilderness cabins in remote locations offer direct access to arctic nature. Most of the cottages have saunas – of course!

Relaxing Midsummer sauna experience

During Midsummer celebration, Finns love their saunas even more than normally. There are many places and different ways to experience sauna in summer in Rovaniemi. Step on a sauna ferry that takes you to river deltas while you relax in sauna, go to public sauna and swim in Kemijoki, or just enjoy sauna in your cottage’s privacy.

Sauna, swimming & wellbeing!