Romantic summer holiday in Rovaniemi

Did you choose Rovaniemi as a base for you romantic holiday? We assure you nailed it!

The sun never sets during the summer months in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. For many, the midnight sun means endless possibilities to fall in love under the most unique circumstances. Stay in one of Rovaniemi’s high-quality accommodations, enjoy tastes of Lapland on your restaurant plate, and hike to a top of a hill to witness the most magical moment of your trip – The Midnight Sun shining all night.

Spend a day or nightless night enjoying the beauty of arctic region

Rovaniemi landscape is dominated by two big rivers, river Kemijoki and river Ounasjoki, that come across in the city. To maximize the magic, book a trip that takes you and your chosen one to explore fresh arctic waters – even at midnight.

Special accommodation for your special ones

Rovaniemi has an array of unique options ideal for couples and families. Spend unforgettable time on a floating aurora hut (in summer, instead of northern lights you’ll see the midnight sun) or sleep in one of Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) labelled accommodation choices. Or maybe something super peaceful? Check out our selection of wilderness cabins.

Wander in nature around Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi area has various well marked nature trails. Located only app. 20 minutes walk from the city center, Ounasvaara hill has marked trails for both, walking and mountain biking. King’s Lean-to in north side of Rovaniemi is a famous day trip destination that gives an iconic view over river Ounasjoki.

About half an hour’s drive from Rovaniemi city center you’ll find Arctic Circle Hiking area, where landscape is dominated by spectacular fresh water rapids.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park with its genuine arctic nature trails is 1,5 hour drive from Rovaniemi.

Love on a plate

Rovaniemi is surprisingly versatile in terms of culinary experiences. From cozy pubs and a local brewery to fine dining and eating by open fire, the city offers delicacies from Lapland and around the world. Taste for example Mexican, Korean and French kitchens. Some restaurants offer little extras in addition to food and allow you to combine dinner with for example sauna experience or art and culture.

Meet the most famous person in Rovaniemi

The person is of course Santa Claus, the ambassador of good will, love and peace, who wishes happiness to the people of the world. In Rovaniemi, you can visit Santa Claus every single day of the year in Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle.