Summer fishing trips in Rovaniemi

Catch arctic fishes under the magical midnight sun!

With its endless sunlight in summer, Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland, offers many possibilities for unforgettable fishing experiences. The midnight sun shines around the clock giving the fisherpersons of all kinds enough time to enjoy arctic nature and its fresh waters. The city of Rovaniemi is divided by two big rivers, river Ounasjoki and river Kemijoki, and surrounded by a myriad of bright wilderness lakes. Let’s get the rods ready!

Professional fishing guide to maximise your experience

Local fishing guide professionals help you to get started or maximize your fishing experience by the arctic rivers and lakes around Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. The guides also take care of fishing permits. Try catching a pike or a rainbow trout with a traditional rod or a spinning rod with a lure and prepare a delicious meal by open fire afterwards! Depending on the type of a fishing trip, you’ll be fishing either from a boat or from the shore. One way or another, everything is taken care for you.

Ask treasures from Ahti, the god of water

Fishing was the main livelihood in prehistoric Finland and it still is a lifestyle that upholds cultural traditions. In Finnish language the verb “ask” is still used as a synonym for fishing – we ask fishes from Ahti, the god and possessor of water in Finnish folklore and ancient religion. On a good day, Ahti gives us perches, pikes, arctic white fish pike-perch, or even burbots!

Where to rest after a fishing day in Rovaniemi, Lapland?

Yes, the midnight sun shines through nights and days in summer time, but a little rest between summer activities never hurt anybody. Nestled right in the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi indulge in the largest and most diverse selection of unforgettable stays.

  • Experience true silence by sleeping in one of our wilderness cabins.
  • Never let go of the magical midnight sun: spend a night in a glass igloo.
  • Choose one of our luxury hotels and let we take care of everything for you.

Book cottage accommodation!

Book summer activities to deeply discover the arctic capital, Rovaniemi

Fresh arctic waters are essential to Rovaniemi locals in summer time. In addition to fishing, our rivers and lakes are places for refreshment and activities.

  • Discover the river deltas and nature by canoeing or on a SUP-board.
  • Experience arctic beach life at one of Rovaniemi’s beaches.
  • Live like a local and enjoy sauna by the lake.